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I am crying. And shaking. And excited. ALL. AT. THE. SAME. TIME.
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Dolores Jane Umbridge… can ANYONE forgive her? And yet, despite being so horrendously evil, she is a very interesting character.
She is very loyal, because we know how she remained on Fudge’s side through the whole dilemma. She is also very easy to hate, for she gave Harry countless detentions for telling the truth. We know very little about Dolores; surely Rowling knows more. She has always planned her characters to the death – one reason why Harry Potter makes a very interesting read.
Back on the topic of Umbridge, we have to accept that she could have had a childhood like Snape –...
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Many Twilighters amor to say how "Edward and Bella amor each other sooooo much!" I'm afraid I have to disagree on this point. Their relationship is pure lust, not love.

Here is my reasoning.

How do Bella and Edward decide they are in love? Well, Bella moves in to Forks. Her first día of High School there, she looks across the cafeteria, and she sees a totally gorgeous guy! He catches her attention immediately and she decides right then and there that he is the only man in the town who is good enough for her, despite the fact that she has never spoken to him once in her life. She swats off the...
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