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 Kristen Stewart looks totally like.....Emma Watson?!
harry potter
totally looks like
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This harry potter vs crepúsculo foto contains retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, closeup, atractivo, picor, and atracción.

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Alright, part II is here! It's still pretty bad writing, but it gets better.

Dear Peace's Diary,
Peace blacked out. I don't know why. She just did. She’s just laying down in the middle of the common room she looks kind of dead.
Me Crabbe and goyle are taking her to Madam Pomfrey.
~Draco Malfoy

I visited peace in the hospital wing. She still isn’t awake yet. Carsilile dicho she will be alright in a couple of days. But carsilile seemed a little nervous. Edward dicho it was just because I was giving him the "don’t tu dare lay a tooth on my best friend" look. I dint know what happened, but I...
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How Edward Got Bella Pregnant, Why it's Not Sexist, and Why Renesmee Does Not Suffer From Down Syndrome

Youknowit101/Cassie-1-2-3 collaboration.

I asked a pregunta a bit hace asking what bothers tu about Bella’s pregnancy. We got some very interesting answers, thank you. We are now here to respond to the points made.

(Keep in mind that we did not consult anyone associated with the creation of the Twilight Series. We just used logic and text to make sense of everything.)

(I’m going to be using words like penis and orgasm, so if tu haven’t had a certain talk with your parents yet, tu probably...
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