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Why is it whenever Dan is on Regis and Kelly, he can't keep still? x]
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Okay, SO many people are saying that Harry Potter is better than Twilight. That’s SO not true!
Twilight is a timeless tale of love, then amor lost and found again. It shows how amor can get tu through everything. It’s such a sweet story about the things people do for love, like Bella goes all the way to Italy to save Edward from the Volturi, for instance.
Also, Twilight is MUCH más creative, I mean, Stephenie Meyer created a new kind of Vampire, instead of just using a stereotypical, Dracula type Vampire. I mean, they sparkle, how...
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posted by slytherin713
Twilight o Harry Potter? That's all I see here. And here are some "reasons" each of us came up with.
NOTE: I'm a HP fan, nothing against Twilight though.

•Edward is hot.
ME: Umm...not really to me...wait..books o movies?
•JK Rowling failed at love.
ME: Lily Evans gave her life for Harry, and lots more.
•It has a amor triangle.
ME: Well...HP has amor triangles too. Hermione, Lavender, Ron. Harry, Ginny, Cho. Cho, Harry, Cedric. Severus, Lily, James. And LOADS more.
•Harry Potter is only about a fairy tale. It has a boy who raises a stick in the air and never dies.
ME: Well...vampires...
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Two days ago, i suffered from a huge headache. Now. it was the size of Hogwarts. HUGE. I stumbled my way down the halls and went into my dorm. While on my bed, i layed down and closed my eyes. Why was i feeling so sick? why was it lasting this long? and most importantly...
why did i want to kill Harry for?
i opened my eyes and gasped. where did that thought come from? Kill harry? I would never! (unless he tried to kiss me again maybe..) "Mione..." Ron dicho from the doorway. i groaned. "What?" he layed the comida tray por my cama and nodded. "Still feeling under the weather, huh?" he asked sitting...
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posted by cassie-1-2-3

*All credit goes to youknowit101. He's not familiar with html tags, so he asked me to perform all the fancy link tricks. All information was provided from him. Though, I did assist in editing; revising; and providing alternate wording, from this point on, tu are hearing strictly from youknowit101.

Some of tu do not approve of the reciente imágenes I have added to this spot. I claimed they were intended to provide a sense of balance to the obvious, unnecessary, counterproductive prejudice against Twilight. Here is a lista of imágenes I've added, accompanied por an opposing image against Twilight....
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posted by GemonkDruid
Twilight fans, this is a debate spot. So DEBATE. There are a few issues I see at this spot concerning tu guys:

- Saying it's better because Edward/Jacob is hot

Okay, those kind of arguments are instantly invalid, coz beauty is subjective and depends on one's perspective. Also, can tu actually SEE what they look like in the book series? Nope. And the inside of the person is what really counts.

- Saying it's better coz it's a amor story

What Bella and Edward have is not love, it's infatuation. They only like each other because of how the other person looks like/smells. They never chit-chat like...
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twiligh is so better then harry poter becauz twilight is a LUV stoty and harry potter has no luve at all.it also has VAMPIREZ wich are REEL unlike wizards from hp. plus tu can realat to bella más then hary becuz bella has FELLINGS. and do i even need to menchon edward? he is so SEXY. jakob is to. no one in harry potter is as hot as edward culen!! they had rober patenson in harry potter but that was the only reazon i watched it. twilight is also más exiting then harry potteer. whoevr can balence out amor and exitment mmusr be a great writer! ans stefinie meyers came up with new creaturs and...
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I would like to start por quoting Susanna Laitala, who wrote a review of Breaking Dawn for a Finnish newspaper: "... por Stephenie Meyer, who, in my opinion, is a very talented writer." I disagree: I do not think Meyer could write even a decent children's book, with a plot culminating in a giraffe finding his lost scarf. She would probably decide that the giraffe is suddenly carnivore who has green stripes instead of brown spots - she has already done so to the beloved villains of literature, vampires. Meyer's vampiros are in fact 'vegetarian': they drink only animal blood. In addition, they...
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