harry potter vs crepúsculo 1000 Reasons Why Ron/Hermione is Better than Bella/Edward

Ron-Mioneluver2 posted on Feb 21, 2012 at 03:28AM
Let's try to get to 1000 reasons why the couple in Harry Potter (Ron/Hermione)is better than the Twilight couple (Edward/Bella). I have nothing against Edward and Bella, I just prefer Ron and Hermione.

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hace más de un año alexisn10 said…
1. Because they actually KNOW each other and love each other FOR each other. Let's face it, at first Bella "loved" Edward for his looks and Edward "loved" Bella for her scent. And on top of that, Edward pretty much kidnapped her in Port Angeles and took her out to dinner, finds out he's a vampire, and then says she's in love with him after knowing each other for 2 WEEKS! Unrealistic. It took Ron and Hermione 6 years to realize that they actually loved each other.
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 1. Because they actually KNOW each other and amor each other FOR each other. Let's face it, at first
hace más de un año Ron-Mioneluver2 said…
2. We grew up with Ron and Hermione's relationship. We hated that Krum asked Hermione to the Yule Ball. We felt sad yet happy when Hermione basically told him to ask her to another ball the next time there was one. We felt like breaking the book when Ron and Lavender kissed. We smiled when Ron muttered Hermione's name in the hospital wing. We yelled, "FINALLY!" when Ron danced with her at Bill and Fleur's wedding. We cried when Ron left them and he said, "You choose him." We were crying again when Ron saw the Horcrux-Hermione and Harry kiss. We were smiling uncontrollably when Hermione attacked him when he came back. We were smiling, crying with joy, laughing, and yelling, "FINALLY!" when they kissed.

The point is, we waited SEVEN freaking books for them to get together, so we know them well. It only took about a few hundred pages for Bella and Edward to get together, so we don't know them well.

We grew up in 7 books with Ron and Hermione; we grew up with 200 pages with Bella and Edward
hace más de un año Ron-Mioneluver2 said…
3. Ron protected Hermione from Draco when he was TWELVE just because Draco called her a Mudblood. Then, even though he had a broken wand, he tried to curse Malfoy, but it rebounded upon Ron making him throw up slugs. Then Hermione (and Harry) rushed over to him and took him to Hagrid. See, Ron protects Hermione, and Hermione protects Ron even when they are twelve/thirteen.

When has Edward ever protected Bella when someone called her something bad? Wait, everyone loves Bella, so no one would ever do that. And when has Bella ever helped Edward when he was sick? Oh wait, since he's a vampire, he can't get sick.

So, Ron/Hermione's relationship was cute even when they were TWELVE!
hace más de un año fawkes394 said…
4. Bella and Edward said love at first sight, but really is was LUST. if you think about it I guess that's the ''relatable'' part, because some people do go for looks. this works for a lot of people, but I personally try to GET TO KNOW PEOPLE. what would you rather have? a boyfriend who checked you out, and then yall fell in love after not even a few months and wind up having a baby at 18 years old? OR a good friend, who you really, truly love, who might've thought you were annoying and crazy but protects you defends you, gets jealous and feels bad about it, and wouldn't hurt your feelings unless it was uncontrollable circumstances?(twi-fans, a horcuxe possessing Ron is why he walked out and SHE KNOWS THAT, its a reason.)

why don't people like the thought of growing up with your soul mate? is it because everyone thinks you need to be snogging right after deciding you like someone? I would LOVE to meet a friend and grow up with the love of my life, and I'm sure my fellow potterheads have learned, if you like someone, you shouldn't want to change for them, and that if he/she cant see you for who you are and who you're going to be, then its not right.

Hermione respects herself and sticks with her instincts, and so does Ron. Bella and Edward can have there lust at first sight and stay together forever , and Ron and Hermione can be in LOVE, always. :)

btw sorry if it sounds mean, here are some words that are happy: waffles, giraffes, bow ties, GUMBO!, turtle :)link
 4. Bella and Edward dicho amor at first sight, but really is was LUST. if tu think about it I guess t