It was a dark rain night and Harry and Harry and Hermione were sitting in the tent, Hermione was reading, while Harry was scratching down misceláneo things from him last inside into Voldermorts mind. Ron had left weeks ago, and harry knew he was not coming back. Hermione stopped crying herself to sleep two weeks back, this made Harry sleep better at night. He knew she was crushed por Ron's actions, but he knew better then to push her about it, Hermione was strong.

"Harry, I'm going to go to bed" she closed her book and half smiled at him, he only nodded. a about ten minutos later her soft snoring fill the tent along with the dripping rain. Harry looked up from his paper and stared at her, he looked much less tense, más like herself. Harry sighed and went to cama himself, and for the first time in ages, Harry had a restful night. That night Harry did not dream of anything, and he liked it, and he felt refreshed.

The siguiente día Harry woke up first and made breakfast. It was almost noon when Hermione awoke, as she walked into the some-what cocina in the tent, Harry gave her a big smile. "Good morning!" Hermione rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Good morning Harry, breakfast smells good" she gave him the brightest smile she could. Harry served breakfast and they both became silent. As harry watched her eat, he saw the sunlight hit her back making her glow. And he saw her beauty, not the "your my best friend beauty" but the "I think your beautiful" She looked up fro her plate and stared at him, blushing she dicho "What?" Harry shook his head.

"Uh... Nothing, just, never mind" He smiled embarrassed. she shrugged and finished eating. The put on his invisibles capa and headed to the town. Harry Felt strange for some reason, standing to her so close, but it was a good strange. They bought más comida and sat in the sunshine to whisper.

"Harry," she paused no sure if she should continue, "I don't think Ron will come back" she looked down, and Harry felt a wave of Jealousy as she mentioned him. she sighed nervously. "But i don't want him to" Harry jerked his head up in surprises.

"What?" his voice seemed más joyful then anything

"He has been gone for a while and, I just, i would be different. I have to admit, I have had a crush on him for a long time. But that was a crush, I think I'm in amor Harry" Harry stared at her, he was close to tears, who could she be in amor with?

"Wi - with who?" he slowly replied

Hermione smiled, "With tu Harry" she blushed brightly. Harry was stunned, because he Loved her to. Forget Ron, Forget Ginny. All he wanted was Hermione, all he needed was her. He stared at her, and brushed a hair from her face that had fallen, he slowly leaned into her, and the kissed. Still under the invisibility capa the deepened there kiss, living that moment and only that moment.