Now first of all let me state that I’m a true harmony fan and I hate any other shippings of girls with Harry. Because I am firm believer that harry is for hermione and no one else can come between them!
Now getting on to the point, before I read HBP I never bothererd to even give a segundo thought for Ginny weasley. Who was she any ways? I never bothered for her at all. So I dindt in any way notice her. But the thing started in HBP and I grew so sick of her!

Now lets see how ginny weasley came into the story!

Until the Chamber of secrets, ginny was just like any other muggle mentioned in the railway station where harry boarded the train. In Philosopher’s stone w ecome to know her as the sister of Ron weasley who wishes him Good luck. Then in the COS when harry c the burrow ginny comes down and runs off seeing harry, where harry is told por fred that ginny was talking about him all summer.

This part annoys me now because, how did ginny actually come to know harry? Obviously ron would have boasted of him at inicial and this tiny little, innocent girl hearing all the wonderful stories about harry potter got a crush on him. And that’s sick because, amor should not come from looks o fame – it should come for the person within. And harryginny fans cant protest here because ginny never spoke to harry knowing him as the Boy-who-lived. And she starts pouring out all her cherished fantasies concerning harry.ginny can amor many other people but why she chose harry? Because he is ron’s best friend? No, because he is famous! And this is not true love!
Later harry saves her from the chamber and other things go on..

In Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of fuego she plays very little part ad where was Ginny weasley when Harry particpated in the Triwizard tournament? In the order of the phoenix, suddenly ginny gets más of a role. She joins the DA, and she starts dating Michael corner.

Suddenly we come to know she is a great quidditch player!!I wonder how she manged to practise being unseen por her brothers considering there are so many!No one can protest saying she learned it por seeing too. So I had a great doubt when JKR introduces her as a sudden quidditch player! It did come true!

In HBP ginny grows very annoying. She becomes hard on her family and puts down ron a lot. She seems to be dating Dean thomas who is one año above her. And the interesting pont is, she suddenle is FAMOUS { :p }. Boys start looking at her. What the hell? This is the point where I disagree with JKR. The splendid writer tried to overstretch things to bring harry and her together and ended up over doing it (no offense JKR is still the best of all). How come suddenly ginny become famous? That only JKR knows!

In the felix felicis chapter, when harry thinks the amor potion contains “something flowery that he thinked he had smelled in the burrow” I didn’t pay much attention to it, but when later harry came to know that the smell was from ginny, I actually re-READ that part to make sure. Suddenly harry becomes Jealous ( again why? Why? Why the hell? ) one más baseless thing. Suddenly he has dreams concerning her and the worst part – he KISSES HER (:p).and ginny weasley finally wins!

Won after tireless 6years ofplotting and waiting – as we come to know in “the white tomb” that hermione had actually advised ginny to leave harry alone until he notices her. Now we see how ginny weasley waited for harry potter to notice her, por the astounding feat of changing boyfriends all the time. Maybe she went a bit overstretched in her attempt to claim Harry’s attention. Poor Michael corner, Deam thompson and many más whom we don’t know! And before we know they both start going out as if they were made for each other and they break up after Dumbledore’s death !

In deathly hallows, she kisses Harry and then harry leaves and finally marries her after
The death of voldemort.

Now my pregunta is that what from the series mostrar that they deserve each other. Its true that ginny is like Lily and harry like James, but it doesn’t make sense why JK suddenly stuffed in a lot of unnecessary things into the story. JK maintains till today that ginny was made for harry. I’m not blaming her because even if she has made a this small mistake (in my point of view) she is still a great writer and no one can substitute her. But she does seem to have come to a very hasty decision.

I like ginny wealey individually as a strong, independent character but not as the pair for Harry! Because nobody other than Hermione can take that place! So the conlusion is