Hello my fellow Harmony shippers and all others open to different ideas. A few words about myself first, I used to be a Draco/Hermione shipper and anti-Ginny/Harry. Recently I moved on to Ginny/Draco and I started shipping Harry and Hermione. How I started shipping Harry and Hermione deserves a brief explanation, as well. My friend and I were talking about the libros one night. We were discussing romance in the novels and agreed that we only felt“it“, oddly, with Lucius and Narcissa in the last book. We always thought Draco's dad was a cold and perhaps a más patriarchal sort than he turned out to be. it was a positive surprise. My friend mentioned how those few moments with the Malfoys sparked más emotions in her than the last two libros of Harry and Ginny. I asked her to name the girl she objectively (and we were die-hard Draco/Hermione shippers) thought was the best for Harry. She dicho she doesn't know and then it hit me. That one word I myself uttered, (“objectively“) changed everything. The siguiente día I started shipping Harry and Hermione.
Objectively, Harry and Hermione have a lot in common. They're both alone in the Wizarding World. Unlike Ginny and Ron, they don't have a family they can relly on. Harry, because his parents are dead. Hermione, because her parents are muggles. Unlike Ron and Ginny, they're both single children. Harry doesn't have any muggle friends and Hermione never mentioned hers either. They're both unwanted in the wizarding world por certian influential groups. Harry, because he defeated Voldemort. Hermione, because she's a muggle. For political reasons, throughout the entire War they were in greater danger than the Weasleys. Objectively, the Weasleys got themselves in danger. They could have avoided everything that happened to them if they joined the Death Eaters. Without entering a discussion about the morality of such choice, it's a fact that they COULD HAVE JOINED the Death Eaters. Hermione and Harry couldn't have. Therefore, they were objectively in greater danger. Furthermore, both Harry and Hermione are famous in school. Harry, because he defeated Voldemort. Hermione, because she's the best student. Ginny and Ron are far away from their standard. Harry and Hermione rarely bicker. Their friendship is strong and their understanding of one another very deep. They only have to exchange a few words to know what the other thinks.
Harry is so in amor with Ginny that half of us didn't even see it coming and when it came we had to reread the libros to see if we missed some signals out. We didn't because there weren't any. Harry doesn't even notice Ginny until HBP and he spends every summer with the Weasleys. They don't talk, they don't notice each other. Then we find out she's the most popular girl in the school. When did that happen? Harry rarely thinks about her and his sentiments for her aren't much deeper than those he had for Cho Chang. Who dicho Ginny understands him best? Why? Oh yes (sarcasm mode on), because she comes from a big, pureblood family that only got thesmelves in danger because they didn't want to registrarse the Death Eaters. Oh, yes, because they don't talk (they must have some telepathic connection, though I hardly doubt it since Harry can't learn Occlumency, let alone Legilimency). Oh, yes, because she's good at Quidditch (since when does big understand come from that?). Oh, yes, because she spends so much time with him, Ron and Hermione (the woman was hardly mentioned in PoA, GoF and OotP). Oh, yes, because she's as good as Harry at dueling (I'm sure Bellatrix Lestrange can't close her eyes at night for fear of being attacked por the mighty Bat-bogey-hex master Ginny Weasley). Sarcasm mode off, they really have nothing in common in my opinion. Not just that, they don't even communicate. There's nothing in the libros that suggests she understands him better than anybody else and therefore belongs with him.
Moving on to Ron and Hermione. Opposites attract, right? True, if there's physical attraction. Sure, Hermione might be attracted to Ron and Ron might be attracted to Hermione, we have to admit that because the libros are from Harry's point of view and the guy hardly notices the actions of the woman he's in amor with, let alone anybody else's. If there wasn't some physical attraction between them, I doubt they'd end up together. It's very simple. tu don't want to wake up every día siguiente to guy/girl who doesn't share anything with you. Ron doesn't like the things Hermione likes and Hermione doesn't like the things Ron likes. It's very simple. Unless there's strong physical attraction (Ron didn't even notice Hermione was a girl until later), there's nothing that would attaract them to one another. Can tu imagine Hermione longing for a long conversation with Ron about the rights of the house elves? o Ron just dying to get to Hermione to tell her about latest results in the British Quidditch League? Of course not. Hermione probably has más in common with Percy than with Ron. She'd probably prefer a coversation with prof McGonagall than with Ron. Hermione is also much más mature than Ron. She thinks most of the things he does are childish. Can tu imagine a woman falling in amor with a guy whom she considers childish? Perhaps, but that's más an exception than a general rule. Ron probably relaxes her, but isn't that something that friends and family do, as well? Would Ron and Hermione even notice each other if it wasn't for Harry? I don't think so. If it wasn't for Harry, I think they'd hang out with completely different people because they have different interests. Ron would think she was a know-it-all and Hermione possibly wouldn't even know his name.
In the end, what kind of a message did JKR (a wonderful autor with whose choices when it comes to romance I don't like) send with Ginny and Harry? That dreams come true for fangirls, they do marry their heros every now and then. And that the hero gets the most popular girl in school. Romantic. Perhaps even a bit cheesy. But wouldn't a más beautiful message be sent if two people who had to fight for their place in the world they were forced into, a world that didn't want them, two heros in their own way, two people who had to work hard to achieve everything they got (Harry to save his life and Hermione to prove herself to elitists like Malfoy) and who, as result of the similarities between their struggles, understood each other the best ended up together. The moment I realised that Hermione and Harry objectively deserve one another was the moment I became a shipper. Because a girl who had to study and work hard to prove herself in the world that didn't view her as witch in my eyes deserves the guy who saved that world más than the most popular witch in school. And because the man who saved the wizarding world deserves the best witch of the generation and not a trophy wife.
Thank tu for lectura and have a good day!