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WendelWeaver posted on Mar 04, 2012 at 07:03PM
Hannah Montana is such a wonderful show, but I know how to make it exquisite:

Hannah is captured by an Xenomorph and forced to walk through a special place called the Subsewer. It's a place filled with slime and filth and it really, really stinks, ok?

Hannah is only wearing a skintight leather shirt that squeaks as she walks, and the episode is all about how she's tortured by the smelliness- like, her body starts getting smelly from the slime and stuff, and she has to smell her unwashed body and the slime.

As she goes mad, she starts whispering, whispering, going "Squeak squeak squeak. Stinks like hot leather. Stinks like unwashed body. Stinks like slime. Stinks like soiled bumhole. Fwooooh, it stinks. Stinks stinks stinks" over and over and over, cos like the Xenomorph's totally broken her.

What do you guys think?
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