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Making and selling link are shortcuts for making money, not only failed to bring them wealth, instead of sent to prison.

Court of first instance in the production and sale of fake o substandard products were sentenced to two main culprits life imprisonment and 11 years in prison. The retrial think the suspects constitute the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks, was sentenced to six years and four years respectively.

In Heyuan, Guangdong,China,two workshop supervisor to see to do fake brand-name package to make money, has resigned to start all over again, big fake international brands link are sold in Guangzhou. Last year, the principal Xiao Zhenjiang Hu Shengcheng found guilty of production and sale of fake o substandard products Heyuan Intermediate People's Court sentenced to life imprisonment and 11 years in prison, after the case was the Guangdong High Court remand. Recently, Heyuan City Intermediate People's Court retrial, sentenced to commit the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks Xiao Zhenjiang Hu Shengcheng six years and four years in prison.
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This year, handbags diseño along with manufacturing corporations invest great amounts of money and time attempting to carry fresh link, some other link and top-class link to advertise. Having a course of phenomenon in which defines necessary parameters and analytics is mostly referred to as the "New link Release Process", “There are usually a couple parallel paths active in this process course of action: one specific involves the idea creation, link,elegant link , link, handbags like these have pattern, along with detail craft; the opposite entails survey as well as marketing investigation....
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