H2O: Just Add Water Series 3 "To Have & To Hold Back"

Here's my full Guide on how to look and be exactly like the beautiful Cleo Sertori from H2O: Just Add Water, Series 3! Enjoy!


HAIR: Includes: How to get your hair cut like Cleo's, how to get her hair color without dying it (Temporarily o Permanantely), what products to use to get manageability and softness, like her hair, and lastly, different hairstyles she does (Step por Step tutorial for each hairstyle!)

MAKEUP: Different Makeup she wears, where to buy the best products, Phoebe Tonkin's FAVE Makeup Product (She told me!), and a Step por Step Tutorial on how to apply Makeup like her's!

WARDROBE: Different Clothes she wears, where to buy clothes like her's at, a picture from H2O (Series 3!) telling where to get clothes similar to her's in the picture at, accessories she wears, and shoes she wears!

PERSONALITY: Cleo's Personality and Attitude to be like her


Ever wanted that Long, beautiful, silky, shiny hair like Cleo's? If tu do, KEEP READING! I'm sure that my Step por Step Tutorial on how to get hair like her's will help tu NO MATTER WHAT HAIR TYPE tu HAVE!

1. Wash, and style your hair the way tu usually do (TIP: Also, part it the way tu usually do!)
2. Create a document with pictures of Cleo's hair from Season 3 of H2O! Print them out!
3. Head to tu hairstylist! (Bring your Pics with you!) Find a nice salon in your area, or, go to a professional one!
4. Once you're there, mostrar your stylist your pictures, and ask her for these things:

THINNED HAIR: Ask your stylist to thin your hair (Unless your hair is already thinned out!) Also, be sure to ask your stylist if your hair will grow out dry and damaged if tu thin it. If so, ask he/she to thin your hair SOME, and Point-Cut the ends!:)
LAYERED: Ask your stylist to do layers (Starting around your chin, and then keep layering down!) Cleo has layers also, starting around her chin! Also, be sure to ask your hairstylist if you'll be able to pull
TEXTURIZED: Ask he/she to texturize your hair, so instead of blunt ends, it gives them some texture!POINT-CUT ENDS: Ask your stylist to "Point-Cut" the ends of tu hair (With Scissors), so they don't grow out dry and damaged!
EXTENSIONS(Optional): If tu don't already have long hair, like Cleo's and if tu want them, get extensions!:) These can be expensive!

TIP: If tu have thick hair, and you'd like the ends of your hair to lie flatter, have your stylist thin the ends of your thick hair, and they'll definately lie flatter! Also, if tu have naturally curly hair, and would like to loosen some of the curls, ask your stylist to use the "Chemical Straightener" on your hair (PLEASE NOTE: THIS WILL BE A 4 hora PROCESS!)

AFTER THE CUT: Head to your local beauty supply store on your way back home, and if tu don't aleady have these things, pick them up!:)

Pantene "Curly to Straight" Shampoo
Pantene "Frizzy to Smooth" Shampoo
Argan Oil (For Softness and Manageability!)
Renu Conditoner bomba Bottle

After picking those hair-care products up, head home, and take a relaxing bath (Add Bubbles!) Use either your "Pantene Curly to Straight Shampoo", o your "Pantene Frizzy to Smooth Shampoo" on your hair. TIP: When tu apply any shampoo at all, do not use your nails! Just gently massage your head with your fingers (Not your nails! This Breaks and damages the hair!) After shampooing, wash it out!:) Then, apply your "Renu Conditioner" to your hair, mainly to the ends of your hair, to make them soft, silky, and straight!:) Let your conditioner set in for a few minutes, then get out, blow-dry your hair, and apply some Argan Oil, so when tu straighten it, it will be soft, silky, and manageable! After you're finished applying your "Argan Oil" (Evenly!), straighten your hair (TIP: Straighten your hair in Sections, so It'll turn out straighter! Also, use a paddle brush, and follow behind it with the straightener to make them SUPER STRAIGHT! [My Hairstylist to me to do this!] Another tip is to use a "Chi" Straightener! "Chi" is a REALLY GOOD Brand to use! It is expensive, though [In the $100 Range, depending on where tu get it from] tu can buy these at your beauty supply store o online!) When you're finished Flat-Ironing your hair, brush it out, and if tu would like to, follow these steps to get Cleo's dark brown hair colour without dying it! (Temporarily [Or Wash-Out] o Permantentely!):

1. tu can use either strong black coffee, o black té (Which will make your hair really dark brown). Whatever tu prefer!:)
2. Allow the té o coffee to cool completely.
3. Shampoo your hair. Rinse it well.
4. Pour the mixture onto your hair while in the shower. Sit in the tub, and poor it on the hair as close to the drain as possible to avoid splattering the mixture all over the tile and ducha, ducha de curtain, which leaves stains. Put a large metal bowl under your head so tu can reuse the mixture.
5. Rinse your hair with the mixture 15 times o so, reusing the liquid each time.
6. Wring your hair out, and put an old towel that tu don't care that much about around your shoulders after the last rinse. Let the mixture sit in your hair for 15 minutes.
7. Wash the mixture out of your hair thoroughly, and then condition your hair. Style your hair as usual. Enjoy your beautiful new, natural highlights!

TIP: Rinsing your hair with black té should make your hair really dark brown!

After you've done your hair colour, pick one of these hairstyles that Cleo sometimes wears, and follow the instructions on how to do it!:

High Ponytail: Pull your hair back into a ponytail. In one ep. of H2O, Cleo wore a ribbon (Pink) tied into her ponytail as an accessory! She sometimes wears hard headbands, and cloth headbands, too!

Half Down/Half Up: This style is often seen in Season 3 of H2O. Here's how to do it! First, take some strands of hair hanging in your face. Pull them all the way to the back of your head. Use a clip o a hairtie to secure it!

Bun: A Bun has been seen in a few episodes of H2O. To do a Bun like Cleo's, pull your hair into a ponyail, twist your ponytail clockwise until it's in a complete bun, then use a hairtie to secure it!:)

Down: Just Wear your hair down, long, and flowing, like Cleo's!:) Remember to brush it out, and straighten any strands that need to be straightened!

Down w/ cloth headband: This style has been worn por Cleo in the Season 3 Episode, "Beach Party." All tu have to do is follow the steps for the hairstyle, "Down", then add a brown cloth headband!

cama Head Ponyail o Down: Curl some pieces/strands of your hair, then tug on them while the piece is cooling to create a loose wave/curl! tu can also do this, but wear it down, like in H2O: Just Add Water Season 3 "Big Ideas" Episode!

Loose Braided Bun: This hairstyle has been seen in the H2O Season 3 ep. ("To Have and to Hold Back"), which is the ep. right after the last ep. that's played in the U.S so far ("Crime and Punishment"). This hairstyle is for special occasions, for example, on H2O, Cleo wore this style for a wedding!:) Want to know how to do it? Here's how!:

Take some strands of hair (In the front of your face), braid them (For a tutorial on how to braid hair, use Wikihow o Youtube!), then pull them back and clip them, so they'll stay secure (In the ep. that Cleo wore this style, she used pretty, white, butterfly/flower Clips!). After you've done the braids just follow the steps on how to do a Bun (Above), but make the bun looser, like Cleo did. There tu have it!

Those are all of the hairstyles!:) Observe Cleo on H2O, to see más hairstyles, that I may have forgotten! If tu would like to know how to do them, let me know!


Cleo, in H2O wears Makeup Products such as "Saphora", "M.A.C", and "E.L.F." As for the actual Phoebe Tonkin, she told me (On Facebook) that her favorito! Makeup Brand was E.L.F. which is mine, too! E.L.F. provides long-lasting, creamy, Makeup Products! Now, I will give tu a tutorial on how to do Makeup like Cleo's, from H2O!

Step 1. FACE/ACNE: Use Facial Scrubs, Acne Cleansing Pads (Aveeno Cleansing Pads, work best!), and Acne Creams, to give your face a fresh feel, and Clear look! Usually Acne creams, scrubs, and pads are required before apply any Makeup at all! You'll always need a clean canvas (Just like painting a picture!) before doing any Makeup!:)

Step 2. EYES: Use "Sephora" Liquid Eyeliner. First, take the brown eyeliner stick, and do a little bit in the corner of your eye (Wing it out the tiniest bit!), then do some underneath your eye about a quarter of the way. After tu do this, wet your finger, and use it to push some of the eyeliner (Under your eye) up where tu stopped (A quarter of the way). Next, use some Cream o Shimmery Brown Eyeshadow and put it on your eyelid. The Cream coloured eyeshadow will open your eyes más to make them look más fresh and awake! The Brown colour will look más Solid, and shimmery like Cleo's!:) TIP (Optional): If tu want to, use a small bit of BLUE Eyeliner underneath your eye to bring your eyes out and open them up more, like Cleo's!:) Also, tu can buy brown colored contacts, if tu want to. NOTE: These can be expensive!

Step 3. NOSE (Optional): Take some brown eyeshadow and contour your nose, like Cleo's, First, to contour your nose, take your brown eyeshadow, put some on a brush, then mover down your nose (Starting at the top), then, mover out just a little bit, then back in (You should be at the tip/bottom of tu nose por then). This will help tu get a nose like Cleo's (WITHOUT PLASTIC SURGERY!)

Step 4. LIPS: To get a "Nude" Colour to your lips, like Cleo has (At times), use either E.L.F. Lip Primer and Plumper (The Primer side), then Clear, o light-pink gloss over parte superior, arriba of that, o "M.A.C. Myth" Nude Lipstick, and Clear, o light-pink gloss over top, as usual:) I would NOT Recommend using Concealer (On your lips), because I recently noticed it dries your lips out a lot, unless tu mix it with a lipgloss. TIP (Optional): To make your lip product stay on longer, use a few blots of Baby Powder over top, and if tu want tu can add your gloss over parte superior, arriba of that (Optional).

Step 5. TEETH: Brush and Floss your teeth 3 times a day. Use Breath Mints and Spray, to get a nice, white, fresh smile like Cleo's! Also, to smile like Cleo (Definately OPTIONAL), all tu have to do is cover your bottom lip over the bottoms/tips of your parte superior, arriba teeth (Reasons Why: 1. It will make your bottom lip "Fatten" [Like Cleo's] and 2. Cleo smiles like that!) :D

WARDROBE: Cleo wears very colorful, beachy, casual, comfy clothes. Some colores tu may see her wearig include: Blue, tan, white, cream, orange, yellow, floral, pink, purple, coral, and other colorful and beachy clothing articles! She is never really seen in anything too tight o short. She might be seen wearing a pair of cute floral o denim shorts, maybe paired with a white Tee!:) tu can raid thru your closet o drawers for these things and organize them. Also, if tu want, go Shopping!:) A place to find REALLY Beachy clothes is at "Pacsun" ("Pacific Suncoast") For shoes, Cleo wears tennis-shoes at times, sandals, converse, and flip-flops! For Example: Cleo might wear either, Snow White Tennis-Shoes, Sunshine Yellow sandals o flip-flops and maybe some Hot rosado, rosa converse (As seen in one H2O Ep!). And Lastly, for Accessories, Cleo might wear her black glasses/lenses, her blue crystal collar (You can find a replica of Cleo's on Ebay!), o maybe her locket (A replica of Cleo's can be found on Ebay!)

PERSONALITY/ATTITUDE: Cleo is very shy, awkward, kind, caring, fun-loving, sweet, and funny! She can also be very clumsy many times!

Thanks for lectura my Article! If tu need más information on how to look like her, visit my website that I just recently created!


Enjoy it! Thanks Again!

H2O: Just Add Water Series 3 (From Left: Rikki Chadwick, Cleo Sertori, & Bella Hartley)