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I'm gonna buy a new guitarra and i Wonder which One of this guitars is best!

I'm gonna buy a new guitarra and i've been looking at
- Fender Sonoran Sce Car
- Cort Mr710f

Which One is best ?
 Mylifemyrules posted hace más de un año
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Tamar20 said:
Well, the best guitarra for tu is with the style of the guitarra tu wish to play. Any guitarra really can play any genre of música it is all a matter of opinion and what suits your needs.

For Technical guitarra work I stick my my Jackson and Ibanez brand of guitarra for the wider fret board and string spacing so I can Access all the strings I need with ease and do the proper bends etc.

Fender Stratocaster is good for the classic rock sound though I hate the necks for how thin and close the strings are on it.

Some classic musicians and metal musicians like camioneta, van Halen use to play Peavy Guitars for the feel of a fender style guitarra but with the wider fret board for string el espacio and technicality.

It's just an advice. The guitars you've mentioned really aren't one better than the other, it's how tu use it. You're the one who should pick really, you're the one who's gonna play it.
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posted hace más de un año 
Okey , My style is rock....
Mylifemyrules posted hace más de un año
I want To play with it both on stage and in the studio...
Mylifemyrules posted hace más de un año
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