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posted by Rainstrike
Otulissa's eyes blinked open and she found herself in her nest in the Great Ga'hoole tree. Everything was just as it had been when she had fallen asleep, but one thing was different: where was Soren and Gylfie? And where was the hollow opening? Otulissa felt her gizzard twist with dread. "Oh no, oh no..." She walked over to where the opening should have been and hooked her talon around a loose piece of wood. Then she tugged. It came off leaving the smallest gap in the wall. Otulissa peered through it. She could see a huge forest stretching on for miles and miles. Confused, Otulissa leaned back...
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A tribune to the owls dire lobos and rabbit that have died as a hero in the series wether peacfuly o painfully. :((
posted by j-bfan7
ok so u all know that gylfie and soren were captured and u know sorens P.O.V. so now i am making up gylfies P.O.V. here goes nothing...

i was listening to my da tell the story of the legend of hoole when suddenly a gust of wind blew into my hollow and blew all our nests, food, and down feathers everywhere... WHOA!......CRASH!...BONK!...BANG!...oof!

1-5 minutos later

(gylfie waking from being unconsious)

gosh when did my nest become so scratchy.gylfie thought as she laid on the ground under her tree.ahhh! how did i end up on the ground!have i gone yoiks!whoa where did the scratchy leaves go y am i being lifted higher and higher and higher oh my ma and da must have seen me fall and are lifting me back up from the ground. wait y are we leaving the hollow.MA!DA! WHY ARE WE LEAVING!

to be continued

if u want to read más comentario thanks for reading
posted by moondragon01
A lone pure one granero owl carried her owlet to a raid. She had little choice, since her nest was burned to the ground. Her and her team were ambushed somewhere in Ambala. She found a hollow tree, left her owlet in it and flew off to fight. She didn't come back. A snowy white masked owl soars high searching for a small meal to satisfy her till morning to be able to continue her work. When she spotted him, she glide slowly siguiente to the owlet. " Would tu like some assistance?"
" Mum hasn't come back... sure."
" Follow me little one I have a forge going that will keep tu warm while I buscar for her."...
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A little something I whipped up after I watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader. "There's a Place For Us" por Carrie Underwood
soren música video
there's a place for us
carrie underwood
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legend of the guardians
guardians of ga'hoole
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