anatomía de grey Some of favorito! tumblr confessions about Grey's. Which one? (#1)

Pick one:
I think there would be a lot less complication during surgeries if they [...]
GA cured my horrible phobia of hospitals
I really miss the old GA with all the McNouns and McVerbs
Sometimes I pour myself a glass of Sprite, sit alone and pretend I'm Chief Webber
The only person that looks and acts like a doctor is Owen
I wonder if Shonda even knows how to get rid of a character without killing them
Mentally I'm forever stuck in seasons 2 and 3. Those were the times when [...]
Oh, the irony of Cristina saying "Gun to your head, tu would choose [...]
Honestly, everyone except Avery should've failed their boards. They were [...]
How did Bailey who yelled at Cristina and Izzie for doing an unauthorized [...]
I wish they had done something different with George in 8x13 If/Then [...]
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