anatomía de grey SURVEY!!! PLEASE DO ASAP

micha830 posted on Mar 24, 2010 at 07:14PM
hey guys,
i'm doing a report on Grey's for one of my classes and was wondering if you would be able to take my survey. it's only 10 questions! if you could do it ASAP that would be great as i need to start writing my report thursday night or friday morning. the link is here:


thanks sooo much!!!

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hace más de un año ItComesToThis said…
I normally spend a lot more time here than on TVFanatic, but I've already seen it there, so...took it :) Nice questions :) Could I ask which class it is for(cos for me it seemed like topic of women in society or sth like that)?
hace más de un año micha830 said…
thanks lots for taking it! it's for a uni course 'television studies' i got to pick any show i wanted and have to write a report on it. i'm writing about how the women on the show are impacted by their relationships with the men of the show (izzie-george-callie triangle, cristina and burke, miranda and tucker, addison)
hace más de un año ItComesToThis said…
That sounds interesting :D Thanks ;)