anatomía de grey Greys Anatomy Couples Elimination Game

alemenmann posted on May 30, 2012 at 08:32PM
Every couple starts with 10 points, For every post you make you give one point to your favorite couple and take one from your least favorite.
Each person can post only once every 24 hour.
You can add more couples in case i forget some.. (there are a lot of them)

10 Meredith and Derek
10 Meredith and George
10 Meredith and Finnn
11 Cristina and Owen
10 Cristina and Burke
10 Cristina and Colin
9 George and Callie
10 George and Izzie
10 George and Lexie
10 George and Olivia
10 Izzie and Alex
10 Izzie and Denny
10 Derek and Addison
10 Derek and Nurse Rose
10 Mark and Addison
10 Mark and Lexie
10 Mark and Callie
10 Lexie and Alex
10 Lexie and Jackson
10 Alex and Ava
10 Alex and Addison
10 Alex and Olivia
10 Alex and Lucy
10 Callie and Arizona
10 Callie and Erica
10 Callie and Alex
10 Bailey and Tucker
10 Bailey and Ben
10 Bailey and Eli
10 Owen and Teddy
10 Teddy and Henry
10 Teddy and Mark
10 Teddy and Andrew
10 Richard and Adele
10 Richard and Ellis
10 Richard and Catherine Avery
10 Jackson and April
10 April and Robert

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