anatomía de grey The First American Series I Like – Grey’s Anatomy

mandy1988 posted on Aug 22, 2011 at 08:57AM
Can you still remember the first series you saw? Can you figure out the reason why you like it? Yes! I can! When I first heard about the name of the show –link, it didn’t interest me. I was thinking this is a show about the medicine and the scenery only in a hospital, I can’t find the point that I like. On that time, link had already link. I really feel confused why it is so popular? When I finished some season of it, I finally link from internet then find the answer! this is not only a show about how to solve the difficult medical problem, but a show about a group of young interns how to be become a excellent surgeon. Every one of them have their own specialities, they specialized in different areas. When they find their way to be a surgeon, they also find the way how to be a person. That’s my favorite link, so what’s yours?

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