anatomía de grey ♥GREY'S ANATOMY icono CONTEST♥ [ROUND 1: VOTE]

dalma posted on Jun 29, 2011 at 04:24PM
So, according to the results of link poll, there are some people who are interested in taking part in the icon contest. :)

The rules:
- A subject for the round is chosen.
- Everyone has got 5 days to submit their icon on this forum topic.
- The icon must be made by you. You can only submit one icon per round.
- There will be 4 days to vote.
- DO NOT vote for yourself.
- The next round will be chosen by the winner of the previous one. Winners are aloud to compete in the next round.
- The size of the icon must be 100x100.
- If you want to participate, tell me and I'll add you.


- dalma
- 701221180
- ItComesToThis
- NCIS_Addict_87


Round 1 [your favorite GA couple] - link


Round 1: Your favorite couple from GA

 So, according to the results of [url=
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hace más de un año 701221180 said…
Merder <3
 Merder <3
hace más de un año ItComesToThis said…
You haven´t said what size the icon should be, so well...I hope it´s okay
 tu haven´t dicho what size the icono should be, so well...I hope it´s okay
hace más de un año dalma said…
I'm sorry, I have edited that now. From now on, the size of your icon has to be 100x100.
hace más de un año dalma said…
Mine - Mark&Lexie :)
 Mine - Mark&Lexie :)
hace más de un año NCIS_Addict_87 said…
Callie & Arizona (& others) =]

 Callie & Arizona (& others) =]