Okay, everyone say's oh Grey's Anatomy this and Grey's Anatomy that but for what it is worth (nothing to anyone, but everything to me) I really am obsessed with Grey's. I really relate to everyone and I feel as if the mostrar is real. Every one love's Meredith and Derek and I amor them both (especially Derek) but there are some actors who are really sensitive and really catch and mostrar the emotion of the show. My mom first showed me Grey's Anatomy when I was like 5. I am now 13 and i have watched all 7 1/2 seasons at least 20 times over. When I was like 8 i really stared watching and getting into it. At first I really hated Alex (Dr. Karev). I was hoping that he would be off the mostrar in a couple of seasons. I have really learned to amor Alex and he is so sensitive and sweet now. I always loved George (Dr. Omally) who died por being ran over por a bus, may I add he was trying to save someones life and succeeded. George was such a sweet man. I really amor Grey's Anatomy and i can swear más than anyone does.