My name is Dip--Tyrone! I don't even know why I would call myself Dipper. No one calls me Dipper. My name is Tyrone Pines and I would like to be on Total Drama, because I would like to meet new people.
Dipper is Samey, because they are known por their nicknames. Dipper, because of his birthmark. Samey is pronounced as Same-Y, instead of her dado name Sammy, because she is the inferior sister to Amy. If Dipper was the inferior twin, then he would have to convince people to call him Tyrone, because that's the name he was wanting.

Mabel as Amy, since they are the twins who have common birth names.

Dipper introduces his audition tape as "Tyrone Pines". He even denies having a sister. Mabel overhears this and tells Dipper to get his butt downstairs. Dipper quickly ends the audition, telling the crew to pick him.

Mabel makes her own audition tape, stating that since Dipper decided to sign up for "Total Drama" as Tyrone, she decided to enviar her own. In case she got chosen, she has a lot of luggage and calls the limo to carry her stuff.

In the end, both twins get selected on the show.

In The Season
Dipper and Mabel are seen sitting siguiente to each other in the Zeppelin. Mabel is disgusted por Beardo and demands that Dipper swaps seats with her. When Chris gives out parachutes to the 14 contestants, Dipper and Mabel are revealed to be holding parachutes. They are a part of Team Kinosweak. When Chris is going through roll call, Dipper likes to be called Tyrone, but Chris tells Dipper that Mabel tells everyone that Dipper is his name. He even adds how unfair it was that he would not be known por his real name. He only wanted to be on "Total Drama" to avoid Mabel.

When it was time to build a lodge for their team, Dipper comes up with a plan to assign a task for the team, but Mabel steals his idea and claims as her own. Dipper is used as a human shield por Mabel. Because their shelter was stable, Dipper and Mabel's team win a free dinner.

The siguiente day, Wendy is talking to Mabel about wanting to forage for food. Mabel agrees, and then forces Dipper to go with Wendy to get Kinosewak's food. Wendy Corduroy (of Kinosewak) and Wirt (of Team Maskwak) become Dipper's first friends outside of home.

When it is time for the challenge, Mabel and Dipper take on the same part, which is carrying their pig through a greasy tube. Mabel's bossiness has pushed Dipper to the limit. When the twins are covered in grease, Dipper claims that Mabel scared the pig, but Mabel forces Dipper to blame himself. Because of Wendy's skills, Dipper and Mabel's team win another dinner.

The siguiente morning, Wendy tells Dipper that he doesn't always have to help out, just because Mabel asks him to. While the team is having breakfast, Dipper is upset that Mabel is taking credit for what Dipper has done. Mabel fake cries to gain sympathy from the teammates to spite Dipper.

When Wendy, Dipper, and Mabel (Kinosewak) and Wirt (Maskwak) are the last contestants in the game. Wendy tells Dipper to hit Wirt, so they can gain another victory. Mabel assures that Dipper will miss. Dipper argues that if they don't get Wirt, then they still win 3-1. Mabel's impatience costs the team the win, resulting in Wirt's team winning for once.

While the team is deliberating, Dipper is snacking on an apple. Learning that "whatever Dipper wants, Mabel takes", he takes the Manchineel frutas that Wirt and Wendy warned him about earlier. Dipper uses this to his advantage. When Mabel and Dipper are in the bottom two, Dipper takes the opportunity to get back at Mabel, por calling her Dipper. This results in Mabel having to take the cañón of Shame.

The siguiente morning, Wendy goes on a typical morning routine to fetch breakfast for Team Kinosewak. Dipper tells Wendy if she's going foraging without him. Wendy is confused that Mabel is finally going foraging after making Dipper go. Wendy tells Dipper to act like Mabel to keep up the ruse. Dipper goes through Mabel's luggage and dresses like her.

During the Truth o Scare challenge, Dipper is asked who he hates more. He says Mabel. This causes confusion from the other contestants, because Mabel is saying that she hates herself. Clucky is unaware that Dipper is disguised as Mabel.

At night, a sea monster is lurking through Pahkitew Island. When the challenge is taking place, Dipper (still as Mabel) is pitted against Geoff and Duncan. He even pretends that both of them are Mabel, while Geoff and Duncan psych themselves up por pretending that Dipper/Mabel is Harold.

Dipper: Just pretend they're Mabel.
Duncan: Just pretend he's Harold.

When Dipper/Mabel is going up against Geoff (who is pretending that Dipper is Harold), the real Mabel shows up and beats Dipper up. They fight, claiming that Mabel makes Dipper pay for the movies. Dipper is lucky that Mabel sits behind her, while Mabel is lucky that Dipper doesn't go around telling everyone that Mabel sucks her thumb.

At the elimination ceremony, Wendy assures that she will be the one going inicial tonight. She even adds that "it's cool. The island would be great without her. Dipper can always pick comida out for the team". Wendy is stopped, because Dipper is the one who is being eliminated. The reason for Dipper being eliminated is because he cheated Mabel out and masqueraded as her. Knowing this, Chris did not want any confusion on which twin was which. To be más fair, Dipper is the first one to go. Mabel is glad Dipper is gone.

This ends the twins' story on TDPI.
Mabel: Dipper, get your butt out here!
Dipper: I probably should go. Pick me!
Mabel: I saw what Dipper was going to do. So, I decided to audition for "Total Drama".
Wendy and Wirt, Dipper's new friends whom he meets on the island, when they go foraging for food. Dipper and Wendy for Kinosewak and Wirt for Maskwak.