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Hello and welcome to the very first articulo of Grand Theft Auto IV's The lost And Damned, this particular episode is my most favourite out of the two because it has that biker element that I have always wanted to see in a computer game.

The main protagonist is Johnny Klebitz and I have always loved this character, in the whole game. The main reason I prefer this game to the other episode is the bikes and the grittiness of the game. A sense of anarchy is involved and it is this I like in a computer game.

Also I like the additional vehicles that have been added to this game such as the Rhapsody car, the Prison Bus and also the most loudest bike in the game the Lycan. tu can seriously feel like being a biker in this game. Which is something I've always enjoyed.

The game has a short but incredible storyline that I have always enjoyed completing. And The Lost's clubhouse is the best seguro house in the entire GTA IV world. tu got it all, television, pool, arm wrestling, and much más in one location. One downside is that tu lose this clubhouse when tu have finished the main storyline. Which is a little sad.

I hope tu have had a good read of this articulo here. And I hope tu will have a great time playing this game as I sure did playing it. Thank tu and yours Truly.....

Royal Satanas founder of this club.
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