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Opinion by Ieva0311 posted hace más de un año
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Mirror, mirror please tell her
Scale, please tell her too
That she doesn’t need to change anything
That she’s pretty and perfect just as she is right now

Just be happy, don’t worry
Don’t look for your flaws
Instead of the mirror, just look into my eyes
Instead of the scale, just get on my back

No matter how much I take tu apart
And look and look at you
I can’t find that part of yourself
that tu think isn’t pretty

If tu just stay the way tu are now
I want nothing más so don’t change anything
Don’t worry about anything
Because I like everything about you
Don’t change anything about yourself

Just as tu are (right now) oh (just as tu are)
Oh (just as tu are right now) just stay as tu are

Everything about tu is just right
So relax, stop worrying
tu can believe what I’m saying 100%
So tu can erase all of your worries 100%
Opinion by Gretulee posted hace más de un año
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I made some of these clubs, so if tu like please registrarse ^^

link - Leader JB's Club

link - Mark's Club

link - Jr.'s Club

link - Jackson's Club

link - Youngjae's Club

link - Yugyeom's Club

link - BamBam's Club ( I did not make this)