gossip girl What was your favorito! scene from Gossip Girl - New York, I amor tu XOXO (Series Finale)?

Pick one:
Kristen campana & Rachael Bilson Cameo
Chuck & Blair Wedding
Serena & Dan Wedding
Gossip Girl Revealed
Dan & Serena for the First Time (Flashbacks)
Serena deciding she wants to stay in New York (While lectura the 2nd Expose)
Chuck's Proposal to Blair
Serena Confront's Dan about the 2nd Expose
Chuck & "Little Chuck"
Serena & Blair talk about Dan (Dan Is'nt One of Us)
Dorota Giving Orders for the Weeding
Chuck doesn't want to get get Married in Court
William betrays Ivy
Bart bajo Death
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Other - Leave comentario
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