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Alright. It has been months since I have done this! Explanation is because I started High School so I have been so busy its unbelievable. But I decided it's time to return.
"Hey." Blair dicho smoothly. Chuck was dressed a little too well. As in Tux attire. She looked down at her simple outfit and thought of an excuse. Because on the phone he had told her he was taking her to a movie. Not the Red Carpet!

"You're early. I was just about to change. Be right back." she said. Walking to him to kiss him quickly. The minuto he couldnt see her she tore apart her closet. Trying to find something...
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Turns out Serena and Gabriel are not married, however Gabriel and amapola are still together. Could they be plotting against Serena? We would have thought Gabriel would have been a bit better looking.

Blair made a deal with Nates grandfather that she would talk Nate into going to Yale in exchange for a bridesmaid position at Tripps wedding, landing her a spot in Socialites pages. It always seems as though anything sneaky Blair does it ends up backfiring. Karma seems to have it out for Blair because yet again her plan is spoiled. Nates Grandfather outs their plan to Nate, temporarily ending Nate...
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