gossip girl Gossip Girls over?!?!?!!

heyther0689 posted on Jan 11, 2008 at 04:14AM
does anyone know the deal with this writers strike? apparently all the shows that everyone loves are comming to an end and there are going to be a lot more reality shows on tv.

why is there a writers strike in the first place? and is there gonna be a second season of GG?

please tell me or send a link that has the info.

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hace más de un año jlhfan624 said…
There will be more of GG but the writers strike is preventing anyone from filming or writing new episodes so yeah. There won't be anything but reruns and reality tv for a long time.
hace más de un año heyther0689 said…
do you know why the writers are on strike?
hace más de un año duckey94 said…
They aren't being treated fairly. They don't get money from the internet downloads, DVD sales, video on demand purchases and stuff like that. Personally, I support the writers all the way. The sooner the producers and directors give them fair pay, the sooner our shows come back.
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