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johnsgirlalways posted on Jan 08, 2008 at 05:04AM
This was a really good episode..A lot went on...First off where was Jenny?.....Jenny is an important character that didn't even get a 1 second appearance....And how depressing was it to see Rufus so sad I almost cried...Go Serena and Dan going strong which is always good.But were you surprised it was Serena's key?I know I was......How about Nate risking everything for Blair.If only he knew the truth...Glad to see Chuck back...What were your views of the episode?

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hace más de un año froggy_0202 said…
I knew it was Serena's key. I don't know why Dan didn't see that from the start! She would have talked more about it instead of brushing him off, if it were someone else's key.
hace más de un año pandora306 said…
I wonder where Jenny went :/
Serena and Dan are good and I'm glad that Rufus and Lily didn;t spoil them but I feel so sorry for both Rufus and Lily. Neither of them are going to be happy. And considering he wants to date her best friend, Chuck was a bit of an ass to Serena.