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krueger posted on Jan 03, 2008 at 11:58PM
a few questions....
have you read the books?or you just watch the show?
are contented with the characters? i mean not the actors,but thinks like Qualities and something ..not the Appearance
in the books nate smoke pot and play lacrosse and that are the hires with which one describe him...and dan..in the books he make poems about everything and everyone...
these are only some examples...
i love this show and i love it that the story isnt the same like the books..but when you make a show with the help of books should the characters maybe be a bit mor like the original?
i want your opinion please...thanks

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hace más de un año lilie2 said…
I saw the show first, loved it and decided to read the books. I only read the first book and I loved it! But the show is very different. Nate smoking pot in the books: I think that the show have to set a good/better example, and I don't think it's necessary to put that in the show...
And as I remember, in the first book there was a Mr van der Woodsen??? (what happend to him?)and Vanessa was already there, before serena and dan where an item!
But I think that they had to change all of this to make more storylines so that the show can excist longer. And all those small details (like Nate writing poems and stuff) are just not that important for the story.
I love the show, and I'm planning to read all of the books (dispite all the differences)
hace más de un año mandyy said…
the vanessa character in the book
is bald
wears black
makes films (which is how serena and dan meet eachother
they meet at an audition)
loves dan
and is a real weirdo

but in the tv show
she is beautiful and not strange

serenas brother is in college
and hot and popular
goes to brown and completely different
to eric in the tv show

nate and his friends are 'waspoids'
in the book
and smoke up and stuff
and him and jenny get have a thing
and jenny is a rednut with curly hair and

i dont care though
even though i read the books first

the tv show has a good plot

both great
love them both