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mdigs73 posted on Aug 18, 2010 at 05:10PM
since i will be taking over the contest for awhile I made a new forum so i can update the winners and the next rounds

So there are only a few simple rules
- basically no stealing icons
- and stick to the theme!

anyone can join, maximum of 2 each please

pics will last for 2 days

so get posting :)

round 1: Chuck and Blair before 1x07 - winner - mdigs73!
round 2: Chuck and Nate episode 1x13 - winner - vebm101!
round 3: Blair and Serena - Bad News Blair 1x04 - winner - Radvile!
round 4: Nate and Dan - winner - mdigs73!
round 5: Jenny and Eric - Summer, Kind of Wonderful - winner - Radvile!
round 6:Chuck and Serena - winner - mdigs73!
round 7:Serena and Nate - Summer, Kind of Wonderful - winner - mdigs73!
round 8:Vanessa and Chuck: The Remains of J - winner - -queenB-
round 9:Blair and Jenny - winner - Radvile!
round 10: Nate and Jenny: 2x08 & 2x09 - winner - supernowa!
round 11:Chuck and Jenny - Last tango, then Paris - winner - supernowa!
round 12: Dan and Vanessa- winner- mdigs73
round 13: Blair and Serena- Blair Waldorf Must Pie- mdigs73
round 14: Dan and Chuck- The Serena Also Rises- mdigs73
round 15: Any friendship in 1x02- winner - Radvile
round 16: Serena and Georgina- winner - mdigs73
round 17: Dan and Jenny- 1x11- winner- Itconsumesme
round 18: Serena and Blair- 2x25- winner- Itconsumesme
round 19: dan and vanessa- 1x06- winner- xsophiefx
round 20: NJBC- 1x17- winner- brigmeister30
round 21: Serena and Blair-4x01- winner- mdigs73
round 22: Any friendship in 1x18-winner- xsophiefx
round 23: Dan and Vanessa in 4x03- winner- backtoblack
round 24: Chuck and Eva-winner-Itconsumesme
round 25: Serena and Dan in 4x04-winner- xsophiefx
round 26: Nate and Dan in 4x05-winner- Invisible-Tears
round 27: Dan and Jenny in 4x06: Easy J- winner-mdigs73
round 28: Chuck and Blair in 4x07- winner- mdigs73
round 29: Dan and Eric in 4x07: winner: -queenB-
round 30: Chuck and Blair in 4x08: winner- MsJeremyGilbert
round 31: Sad character: winner: 123Naki456
round 32: laughing character: winner: Lauren1102
round 33: Blair's 17th Birthday Party: winner: Karussss
round 34: Kiss On The Lips Party: winner: -queenB-
round 35: The White Party: winner: Invisible-Tears
round 36: The Pool Party in "School Lies" link
round 37: The Debutante Ball in Season 1: now open
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