gossip girl Jenny and Serena - Why are we so alike ?

ranstell2703 posted on Jun 30, 2010 at 06:06AM
I know that they're super alike,just trying to clear it out
- Both blonde
- Both "Bad girl gone good" (jenny in season 2, serena in season 1)
- Both like Nate (season 3)
- Both slept with Blair's boyfriend than regret it. Go to another place (Serena season 1, Jenny season 3)
- Both are sister to Dan Humphrey and Chuck Bass
- Both been "almost-rape" by Chuck ( in ep 1 -both )

Anymore ? Help help

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hace más de un año ranstell2703 said…
- Both have enemy who was their friend - A and G
hace más de un año CandyBow said…
- Both have a parent that live somewere else
- Both have a brother
- Both been in fight with Blair
- Both have gone in a school in another city ( or, jenny's about to )
hace más de un año ncjgg said…
Both are tall and thin.