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gossipgirl95 posted on Jun 20, 2010 at 04:18PM
I Thought of This for Fun!

On TV Fanatic.com They Have a Caption Contest.
They Put Up a Picture and You Think of Something Funny to Say That The Characters Are Saying or Thinking.

So I'll Put Up a Picture and You All Can Think of Something to Say.
Let The Game Begin!
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hace más de un año gossipgirl95 said…
Have Fun!
 Have Fun!
hace más de un año TeamEndgameFan said…
Blair:Your Makeup Looks Like Crap!
Jenny:Really!?Well,I Just Banged Your Boyfriend!

I Know,That was Lame.
hace más de un año littlemizqt said…
HAHA dat was quite funny, nice one whats the picture??
hace más de un año gossipgirl95 said…
It's From "The Goodbye Gossip Girl".
hace más de un año TeamEndgameFan said…
Thanks ^littlemizqt^!
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