gossip girl Chuck & Blair discussion (SPOILERS)

Lila856 posted on Nov 18, 2007 at 07:53PM
Chuck is gonna get his heart broken in episode 10 cuz he has feelings for Blair & is gonna be wanting to tell her but sees her kissing Nate.

Awww =(

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO IN LOVE WITH BUCK/CHAIR. They have such undeniable chemistry, hope the writers see it!

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hace más de un año heatherb0828 said…
I dunno about the Chuck/Blaire thing for sure yet. But then again they both act like jerks alot of the time so maybe if they get together they will settle eachother down...or are they too much alike? Guess well find out!
hace más de un año x-missmckena-x said…
omg i so love buck/chair its the best couple on the show, i cant beleive she goes and kisses nate!
hace más de un año sk8ergirl08 said…
i love buck/chair toooooooooooooo:-)
hace más de un año iloveGG1 said…
I agree
they are adorable !!