gossip girl Team Endgame & Trifecta Thread!

gossipgirl95 posted on Jun 08, 2010 at 09:24PM
Come Here To Talk About Team Endgame and Trifecta!
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hace más de un año ranstell2703 said…
Trifecta? what it is ?
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hace más de un año itsnaddia said…
Endgame: Chair, Derena, Natessa
Trifecta: Chair, Serenate, Danessa

Am I mistaken? :s
hace más de un año ranstell2703 said…
Endgame is Chair ,Derena, and Nenny.
Trifecta I dont know
hace más de un año lilou1625 said…
Endgame : Chair, Derena, Nenny
Trifecta : Chair, Danessa, Serenate

i am team trifecta
hace más de un año itsnaddia said…
Oh I see, well either way I'm team Trifecta ALL THE WAY!
hace más de un año NateHeartSerena said…
hace más de un año gossipgirl95 said…
GO TEAM ENDGAME!!!!!!!!!Trifecta Sucks!
hace más de un año ranstell2703 said…
Team Endgame ! Classic always better - The show start with it , the show end with it !!
hace más de un año NateHeartSerena said…
^^^ Well then you'd ship Chair, Derena and Natessa.
Because the show didn't start with Nenny.

Besides- Serenate and Chair are the non- judging-shoulda been together all along-breakfast club- core four.
And Dan and Vanessa compliment each other :) So much better when they are together.
hace más de un año Radvile said…
Endgame, NO Trifecta. GO TEAM ENDGAME!!!!!
hace más de un año TheLiineGirl said…
TRIFECTIA all the way! they are amazing!!
hace más de un año supernowa said…
Btw. this topic is meaningless.
Fans of Trifecta will speak, that Derena is boring, that they love Serenate.
Fans of Tema Endgame will speak, that Serenate is boring, that they love Derena.

No one will change his opinion, so this topic isn't necessary.
hace más de un año gossipgirl95 said…
Team Endgame Is Nenny not Natessa.Nate&Jenny Liked Eachother Before Nate&Vanessa Did!And The NJBC Is a Group of Friends not a Group of Couples!
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hace más de un año supernowa said…
Nate&Jenny Liked Eachother Before Nate&Vanessa Did!

Though Vanesssa & Nate were together in season 1, Nate & Jenny kissed, etc. in season 2. But you're right, that Jenny & Nate had earlier the scenes than Natessa, so endgame are: Chair, Derena, Nenny.
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hace más de un año gossipgirl95 said…
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hace más de un año gossipgirl95 said…
big smile
Nate&Serena Have NO CHEMISTRY!That's Why Their Always Banging Eachother.So They Don't Have to Face the Fact that Their Crap!
hace más de un año Radvile said…
nate and serena, it is just sex and public there is no chemistry (as previously mentioned) no love, as Derena ther is love and more love... and they are sooo cute together
hace más de un año gossipgirl95 said…
^Your 100% Right!
hace más de un año NateHeartSerena said…
Well I thought you were referring to couples who got together first. In which case Natessa happened before Nenny.

Technically Nate loved Serena and Blair first, Chuck wanted Serena and Jenny and Dan loved Vanessa.

So your whole theory is flawed.

One minture you say endgame should be who the show started with. And then next its who had earlier scenes together.

If that is your argument endgame should be the Blair-Nate-Serena triangle.
hace más de un año ranstell2703 said…
Look. Why are we argue ? We're not going to change our mind.

Team EndGame are Chair,Derena,Nenny - I didn't mean the scene start first, but this is the first three couple ok ? The fan have chosen this. So Trifecta don't try to change this, or change anything.

Trifecta are Chair,Danessa,Serenate - so we both like Chair, that's what we agree on. This topic should be about why we like our group, not about why we don't like the other group.

Anyway we should share,and care and blah blah blah.. But stop the whole argument
hace más de un año NateHeartSerena said…
I'm not trying to change your mind.
I was just saying you don't know who endgame will be. It could go any way. There is no way to calculate it based on who was with who in season 1 or anything like that.

I'm just going to agree to disagree with you all.
I've already voted who I wanted for endgame in the picks anyway.

And please! Who are you kidding? As if this is a forum for us to say why we like our endgame ship.
When gossipgirl95 is banging on about how Serena and Nate have no chemistry. That kinda sounds like they're talking about why they dont like the other group.
Get realistic. Gossipgirl fans love to bitch and argue. Forums that pit one endgame/couple against another is going to result in arguments. It's common logic.
You have VERSUS in the title and say its a place for DEBATE.
Those dont exactly sound like a non-arguing forum.

Anyway I'm over this garabage.
hace más de un año TheLiineGirl said…
NateHeartSerena i'm with you!

and BTW Nair was the first couple so they should be in team endgame right? Think twice thanks :D
hace más de un año gossipgirl95 said…
Nair is the Last Couple in the World that Should Be Endgame!Their The Worst Couple EVER!!!
hace más de un año TheLiineGirl said…
^^ No they are NOT! Nenny are :D but i'm just saying that if Team Endgame are what it started with Nair is there! Just so you know..
But if Nair not there i think there are waaaaaaaay more feelings between Nate&Serena in seaon 1 than between Nate&Jenny! I would be a really weird endgae?! Nate with 2 girls and Serena with 2! Nice? LOL
hace más de un año ranstell2703 said…
Again Again Again.
Team EndGame is the first three couple that fan think is going to endgame.
Why ? You say that Nate and Blair are the first couple right ? But we say it isn't the first couple that WE fell in love with. Beside, Chair is there ! Okie . The reason we don't ship Nate and Blair because we fell in love with Chuck and Blair
Serena is with Dan first . IN LOVE. REAL RELATIONSHIP. not seeking in the bar while they are drunk. That's why we lov Serena and Dan.
Nate and Jenny comes in with connection in Season 1 already. Is just not official. And because we already developed love for CB,DS, so Nate and Jenny is third couple we're in love with.And we hoped they would happen in season 2. So it happened, Not for long, but they have care in all three season. Maybe just friend, but they actually care about aech other
Anyway, it is not about The person who start first, is about the couple we love first.
Trifecta came second. I don't know what reason. Maybe is just about Nate and Serena. Or not Nenny, Derena.
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hace más de un año goyita16 said…
GOSH!!! where should I start first, well you CAN´T say that darena is the first couple that fans fell in love with, cause just darena fans did that, and second honey have you read the books? I don´t think so, and sorry I´m telling you this but Serenate didn´t start "seeking in the bar while they are drunk", Serenate started with Nate and Serena loving eachother since chilhood!!! that´s one of many reasons why we love Serenate, and don´t tell me that you are talking about the show cause it is the same story!!! with a lot of variations I´m agree, but still the same story!!! and third gossip girl fans didn´t fell in love first with Nenny only Nenny fans did that, as The Liine Girl said think twice cause you sound so confused, plus you say that darena is end game because they were in a real relationship first than Serenate, but you also say that Nenny is endgame, even when they weren´t in a real relationship, so if endgame is what fans fell in love with first, some of them did it with Serenate, others with Nair, others with Darena, etc. BUT NOT ALL OF THE FANS, and if you say that endgame is who were in a real relationship first still should be there Nair with Darena and no Nenny (BECAUSE NENNY HAD NEVER BEEN AN OFFICIAL COUPLE). Really if you didn´t think at the moment of called your team endgame, don´t argue about it!!!!!!
hace más de un año lichagich said…
oooooh I get it now so ranstell2703 you´re saying that you team endgame fans also love the trifecta couples, but only that you did it later, right? oh no wait!! are you saying that all gossip girl fans fell in love first with darena and Nenny, and then with Serenate and Natessa Are you ok? A lot of gossip girl fans love Serenate since the beginning of the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello what kind of argument is that, if there´s something you CANNOT do when you talk about tastes is generalize.
hace más de un año littlemoni19 said…
WOW!!!!!!!!! I´m speachless goyita16, I really couldn´t have said it better, totally agree with you, and it´s true guys you sound a little confused.
hace más de un año NateHeartSerena said…
FINALLY! Some other people who realise how stupid the "Team Endgame has to be Endgame" argument is.

I NEVER fell in love with Nenny. NEVER! They had some weird hookup in season 2 and that was it. Nate moved on.
Never fell in love with Derena either. THought they were ok but always liked Serenate.

So all Team Endgame is, are 3 couples you would like to be together. They arent the first 3 the fandom fell in love with.
hace más de un año supernowa said…
God, I further think that this topic is redundant. Only fans of Derena and fans of Serenate are quarrelling.
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hace más de un año ranstell2703 said…
Really, this topic is going no where.
Look, Trifecta is going your way
The Endgame is going our way
We're debating What ?
Non of our comment made any point.
We love who we love for our reason
We're explaining our reason, by bashing on the other team reason.
Okay, maybe this is what this topic is all about
But if that is what it is than what now ?
Keep talk and talk and talk....
Ok, I'm gonna explain what i said before.
"The fans" never ever mean all fan. If I wanna say all fan i would have said ALL FAN.
Gosh what can I say ?
I'm talking about Team Endgame and the reason we love them. WE NEVER SAID THAT THE ENDGAME GONNA ENDGAME. we made the club because endgame is what we want they to become. Beside, isn't that why Trifecta making your club. Anyway, the endgame was created before the Trifecta. Can I just made that clear ? And by the fan fell in love with Chair,Derena,Nenny first I NEVER MEANT ALL FAN PEOPLE !

agree on one thing with you Nateheartserena

I'm out of this garbage
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hace más de un año serenateaddict said…
hace más de un año serenateaddict said…
Nate and Jenny??!WTF! Team Trifecta ftw!
hace más de un año gossipgirl95 said…
^Trifecta is Just Trifecta not "Team Trifecta".
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hace más de un año TheLiineGirl said…
^^ how do you know?! you are a team endgame right? lol
hace más de un año supernowa said…
Guys, whatever. Who really cares about it, Team Trifecta, The Trifecta - how someone like. =)