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ranstell2703 posted on May 27, 2010 at 07:59AM
Gossip Girl Style Contest

I.How to enter :
You'll enter 1-5 word that describe a style of clothing,makeup,accesorize of the charater
Ex. Chuck : Scarf is my mark

II. About the pick :
- I'll set the due for 1-3 days, and you guys have that much time to think of the word to compete.
- The pick will last for 1-3 days
- You're allow to summit ONE IDEA/ round. You're allow to join all round
- The winner of the round will be add on the Result board.The way to award them is we are going to give prop to them. Ok? Thanks
*** After we done all round, we will have a special round to decide which word-describer came up with the best word.The competition between the finalist.

[Round 1] : Blair's Style - link by link
[Round 2] : Serena's Style - link by link
[Round 3] : Jenny's Style - link by link
[Round 4] : Nate's Style - link by link
[Round 5] : Chuck's Style - linkbylink
[Round 6] : Dan's Style - linkbylink
[Round 7] : Vanessa' Style - linkby link
[Round 8] : Final round - link
No guest star include

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