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ranstell2703 posted on May 09, 2010 at 03:11PM
Gossip girl Acting Contest
I.How to vote : I created( link)
and just pick your WORST actor.
* Don't pick it cause u like the role they're given
* Don't insult them on comment, please be nice

II. What's good acting ?
* Each person will have their own concept
* Pretend to be another person that is not their own personailty , and maybe that's role have ruin them in real life :)) Just sayin'

VOTE VOTE VOTE - May the best GG actor win

III.The contestant
- Blake
- Leighton
- Taylor
- Penn
- Jessica
- Ed
- Chace

(only these guy,and do u think we should have Vanessa on? )
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hace más de un año ranstell2703 said…
Chace is out for the first round
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hace más de un año ranstell2703 said…
Jessica is out for the second round