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kaileyyoung posted on Feb 06, 2010 at 04:11AM
Blair is so hilarious. She cracked me up this whole show- especially how she was trying to find out if her mom was pregnant. And her mom is like, why are you so weird?

Vanessa didn't bug me as much this episode, but I still hate her.

Now Serena... When reading about this show, the actress (Blake Lively) that plays her gets a whole lot more attention for being great than Leighton does. I have disagreed with that for a while, but now in this past episode, I see how bad an actress Blake is.

She had only one look (seriously it was done every other second she was on) where she had this deer in the headlights gaze, while looking worried yet also sad. Same thing all through the show.

I need more Chuck. And Chase is looking better. Nate never did it for me before but now he looks more masculine or something. Maybe he got off the estrogen, but whatever it is he is more appealing.

Dan is annoying me. I miss Hilary Duff.

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hace más de un año kaileyyoung said…
GG fans, come to share your opinion ha
hace más de un año rrpdsks said…
I love the NJBC but my number 1 is Blair. That means that I love Serena. Although, she isn't in my top 5 characters.That's not because I don't love her. I just love other characters more.

But back to Blair. She's been getting alot of hate lately mainly because of EAE and HtSiB. Really, I see Enough About Eve as part of her Yale take over sl which was just completely retarded. In my opinion, Blair should start a Sorrority/Secret society for the Upper Class at Yale. Then she could rule over that smaller group of girls who care about wealth, power, and appearrances. Best of all a new semester means new recruits! But no, the wroters are never going to listen to me.

And I'm completely confused about that whole Serena/Blair fight because it's not like Serena being fired was Blair's point. She was helping Chuck and Serena got caught in the line of fire, but like always Blair had a plan to save Serena as well. She offered Serena the job of promoting Chuck's club. So it was like yes you got fired but I have another job lined up for you.

I also want to see more of Blair being a society women. I mean Basically, her mother has moved to France and left Blair to be the resident Waldorf. Wasn't her mom always throwing these lavish parties? Time for Blair to step up. Plus maybe join some of the UES womens societies? The one she quit protecting Serena and Chuck is not the only one in the UES. For instance, the one that Rufus went to for stay at home wives. Obviously, Blair wouldn't go to that one but definitely one of the many others.