gossip girl Rufus and Lily?

Daniejj14 posted on Jul 19, 2008 at 12:20PM
Should Rufus and Lily be together or not??
I just wanna hear all your opinions..

I think they should definitely be together!

Not that stupid Bart Bass

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hace más de un año Praesse said…
I really don't care about Rufus&Lily or Lily&Bart. I mean, the grown-ups always tend to bore me.
Anyways, Bart&Lily beeing together includes the Van der Bass family beeing together. Which is AWESOME, HILARIOUS and PLUS, it makes Chuck happy :)
hace más de un año ChuckBlairLuvA said…
I think Rufus and Lily SHOULD be together, but I'll live if they're not. So far Lily and Bart seem to be okay together...and as long as chuck & Blair are together, then everything is fine by me. ;)
hace más de un año Praesse said…
Yeah, as long as B&C are together, I just can't ask for anything else :)
hace más de un año x-xsarahx-x said…
yeh they are such a cute couple!!! xoxo