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Leightonfan posted on Jul 17, 2008 at 06:39AM
Gossip Girl Spoilers

Official plot summary for Gossip Girls Season 2 episode 1, “Summer Kind of Wonderful”

In the second season premiere, our favourite Upper East Siders endure the Summer heat in the Hamptons. During the trip in the Hamptons, Blair meets a charming new boy hoping to make Chuck jealous.An inside source on the Gossip Girl set says: “He’s Blair’s new love interest and Chuck’s rival. Blair met him in Europe, introduced by Ben, whom she flew to Italy with after Chuck stood her up.”

So what’s he doing playing squash with Chuck?

Observers at the Eastern Athletic Club on Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights say Chuck may be taking a page from Georgina Sparks' playbook - getting chummy with Marcus over a round of squash, earning his trust, and then trying to screw Blair over.

At the end of the squash scene, observers say Marcus and Chuck shook hands on the court and then Marcus gave Chuck a telephone number, which Chuck programmed into his cell. All very interesting ...

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Nate gets involved in a steamy relationship and Serena questions her past relationship with Dan.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Dan gets a job at a local library. Though things don’t go according to plan.

Gossip Girl 2.01 “Summer, Kind of Wonderful”
Air Date: September 1, 2008

The new season opens in the Hamptons.
Serena and Nate have spent the summer together but Nate ends up with another girl - and it’s not Blair. It’s reportedly a married woman.
Dan gets a job at the library but things don’t go as planned.
Blair and Chuck fight.
Dan and Serena are no longer an item - Dan meets someone new.
Blair meets a charming new boy hoping to make Chuck jealous.
Spoiler source: Buddy TV, TV Guide, Spoiler TV

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