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Praesse posted on May 17, 2008 at 05:26PM

When B said
"I had sex with him in the back of a limo"
and Chuck anwered
"Several times."

Was he talking about "several times" in a limo or just several times?
I have had this argument with my friends like... two thousand times! What do you think? LOL

Thank you!

Ps: I know, I'm full of questions! LOL Most of them of C&B, lol. :P

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hace más de un año Praesse said…
LOL, I'm a bit of a pervert, as you may have noticed LOL
hace más de un año Praesse said…
hace más de un año carly1985 said…
I think sex in the limo several times, maybe different occasions..
hace más de un año monkee95 said…
i know i was confused!! I didnt know they had sex in the limo several times?! wtf they shoulve shown them kissing the several times!!! haha i know i sound like a pervert again, haha but im not!!!!
hace más de un año Shandiii said…
I know, how long were Chuck and Blair together that we didn't see on screen? hmm. Maybe they should've cut more of Jenny's part out for more B&C scenes.
hace más de un año Praesse said…
Yes! I agree! Jenny doesn't need that much time on screen! She's boring, annoying and stupid.

hace más de un año monkee95 said…
Yes, Shandiii they totally should have done that:)