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Shandiii posted on Apr 25, 2008 at 05:37PM
These are some spoilers I found at this website,

I don't know if they're true or not, so don't blame it on me if these things don't happen.


This first one is supposed to be for the finale:
"Rufus will come to see Lily during the wedding.

Chuck sees the Captain buying coke. Later, a security guard comes to Chuck and tells him something which worries him and makes him leave.

Blair and Chuck are going to Tuscany together, but he texts to say he can't make the flight. She gets on the jet with another guy, Ben, who is 21.

Serena and Dan are not happy at the wedding, Serena leaves for fresh air with another guy.

Blair gets Georgina shipped off to a reform school. "


These spoilers are just happening between now and the finale (most of them we already know):

"According to CWArkansas interviews:
Chuck and Serena will find "common ground"

Chuck and Erik will get very close, and Chuck is sincerely there for him. He loves having family.

Dan and Vanessa will make friends with "a side" of Georgina.

We will see Rufus' band play.

Erik and Jenny's relationship will develop in BIG, though unspecified, way.

According to E!Online, Chuck and Blair are far from over. In fact, they'll be "heating up."

Blair/Jenny power struggle

Jenny to seduce Nate

Nate/Vanessa confirmed

Georgina reveals true reason for Serena's absence

Serena lets her inner rebel come out.

It's been confirmed in a blog that Erik is gay.

Serena & Erik's dad will make an appearance.

They are building up towards a wedding finale

Blair fears Georgina.

Chuck/Serena as siblings and all the evil that comes with that"


These are spoilers uncomfirmed:
"A Mystery Man sends a bucket full of roses to Blair's house. The card says "Sorry. Meet me for Lunch." She thinks it's Nate, but it's really Chuck.

Rufus and Lily meet while she has her wedding dress on. They share a secret kiss before the wedding.

Dan and Serena start fighting after Dan gets jealous that Vanessa and Nate are together.

Chuck, Eric, and Serena live under the same roof. Chuck asks Serena "What are her favorite flowers?"

Jenny feels left out since all her "friends" start buying expensive things that she can't afford. Gets in trouble for overusing her father's credit card.

Blair manages to go to school, but wears sunglasses and a wool around her head to cover herself. Everyone laughs and mocks her, but Serena stands up for her.

Nate starts liking Vanessa because she is never involved in the gossip."


This is supposed to be a summary of the plot in one of the new episodes from here:

"Page 15
Day 1… day

End of Jenny/Elise scene where Jenny dismisses the idea of being with Asher the dogwalker…

Day 1 night Location: Pink Elephant Bar-night

Georgina and Serena. They are reminiscing…and Georgina reminds Serena about when they made out in front of the investment banker in front of his girlfriend. The girlfriend had them booted…or at least the names they used “Angel and Butterfly” A couple of guys offer to buy them drinks…and they take on those personas again. Angel being “Italian” and Buttefly(Serena) being a southern belle.

More Georgina stuff (exact page number not clear)
Day 2- on the steps

Hazel, Penelope are chatting with nelly yuki while blair looks on from the distance
They’re trying to get Nelly to come out with them, but she won’t. As they are about to part a ringtone goes off…Nelly freaks out. H and P ask her what’s wrong (in a very fake way)
NY tells them it reminds her of when her bf suddenly broke up with her. Nelly breaks down. Blair runs over to comfort NY.
As she embraces nelly, she tells H and P to write this down…when she asks for his name

Blair convinces Nelly to come over to her house…for more comforting…cause no one knows heartbreak like blair does.

Day 2- day ----Bass Residence

Serena returns after a long day hungover…Georgina is waiting for her.
Georgina apologizes for showing up unexpectedly again…Serena accepts her apology and says she has to study. G asks if S will go out…S says know she has to study. Than G says she needs to talk about that night. Serena freaks out and says they weren’t supposed to ever speak of it again. Basically G blackmails her into going out again. She follows Georgina to the car looking freaked out frustrated.

Nate gets out of limo and goes up to a girl. He congratulates her on taking the SATs. She thanks him and tells him that she does not have a pretty woman fantasy nor does she want to be rescued. Nate doesn’t get the pretty woman reference. Girl is shocked that he doesn’t get it mentions Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Apparently Nate never saw the movie. He insists that he doesn’t want to save her nor does he know what he would be rescuing her from. He says he’s gonna rent the movie so he’ll know what it is about him that scares her from wanting to be with him.

Nate gets back in the limo. The driver insists that he needs to see the movie

Page 41

Day 3--Scene hotel room-morning

Serena wakes up to the sound of a toiler flushing. She’s disoriented and not really sure where she is. She also has no memory of what happened last night. Serena and Georgia have converstation about how she missed the SATs..

Serena suggests that Georgina slipped her something. Georgina gets upset and tells her she’s being ridiculous and this was as far as she could carry her.

Day 3-day

A girl at a check-in desk….who claims she’s Serena Van Der Woodsen..
Dan turns around sees that its not Serena.

Day 3-Blair’s house

Nelly suki has her head in blair lap..the other girls are ignoring her eating snacks..blair nods her head indicating they should pay more attention to her. Blair leaves a Voice mail on Serena’s phone saying she was hoping S’s stomach was feeling better and how she gets worried when she doesn’t call her back.

Blair’s maid announces that Todd jansen is here to see Nelly yuki. Todd comes in…he says that he didn’t like the way the ended things…"


Last, but not least, this is supposed to be what the script says during the scene with Blair waiting for Chuck at the airport thing, taken from this website:


Serena: I was just about to kick off my isolation, but I suppose I could postpone it temporarily. You wanna get an iced coffee?

He nods, sure, and they head off…


Blair steps out of the limo. She approaches a good-looking guy, Ben Simmons, 21.

Blair (motions to the chopper): Excuse me? Is that the Bass helicopter?
Ben: No, it’s not here yet. (smiles) You going to do a powerpoint presentation for Burlesconi, too?
Blair: No. I’m a guest of Chuck Bass.
Ben: I’ve heard a lot about him. If he’s anything like his father, he must be terrifying.
Blair: He’s not all bad. He’s taking me to Tuscany.
Ben: Very romantic. So, where is he?
Blair: On his way. I just wanted to get here early. (beat) I like the jumpseat.
Ben: Oh.
Blair: What?
Ben: Nothing. It’s just…I like the jumpseat. I have this thing about flying and it makes me feel more…
Blair (finishing his sentence): In control. Yeah.


Blair stands. The helicopter now there. A text. She reads…face falling…

Ben: Everything okay?
Blair (most of this is scratched out): …I guess… He can’t make the flight…
Ben: Well, I’d be willing to flip you for the jumpseat.
Blair (considering): Well… It’s a private jet…And I do like when the ladies make those cookies for you. (smiles, shrugs) What’s ten hours? Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Ben: Or fungus.
Blair: Jokes like those- This could be a very long flight.

Ben smiles, takes her hand luggage for her and they head for the helicopter to take them to the airstrip…"
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hace más de un año Shandiii said…
So basically, Dan gets jealous about Nate/Vanessa, which makes Dan and Serena fight.
So Dan goes off to make out with Georgina, and Serena goes with some mystery guy.
Dan and Serena not being together means,
Lily/Rufus kiss!!!

I think the reason Chuck doesn't make it to the airport is either because he is trying to make his dad feel better about Lily and Rufus kissing, or Nate makes him choose between Him and Blair, and maybe Chuck feels bad and chooses Nate, hopefully not though!
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año jlhfan624 said…
I'm so happy that Chuck loves Erik. That just really makes my day. He's such a sweetie, and I believe he deserves a happy family for once. On the rest of the spoilers, I really pray that Nate didn't give Chuck an ultimatum otherwise I will have to kill Nate. NOT COOL AT ALL.
hace más de un año jlhfan624 said…
Oh and I'm hating this Ben guy btw. What the heck kind of name is BEN?! EWW!!! lol
hace más de un año vampirekidd said…
Sounds good, I LOVE chuck!
hace más de un año Shandiii said…
Ben is such a boring name!!!!
And yeah! When I read about how Chuck loves Erik and he is there for him, I got so happy!!! He really does deserve to have a great family!

I can see him being a great father to a bunch of little Blairs and little Chucks running around, one day. LOL!
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año Praesse said…

This totally made my day. I really am Happy, I think I was still kind of hoping they weren't just a turning point for Blair and Nate, but they weren't AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. =)
hace más de un año Praesse said…
Hey, the Ben thing could not be that bad, because thanks that Chuck could realize how much he misses her and try it again ;) A bit of jelousy always helps
hace más de un año waldorf said…
Yeah, we all hate Ben! But honestly, I'm not too worried either. Why would they break up Blair and Chuck forever because of some random guy we have never seen before? ^^
hace más de un año Shandiii said…
That's very true! Ben is just a way to keep Blair and Chuck together in a very weird and twisted way. lol.
hace más de un año pink_martini2 said…
It is cruel for me to say that I wouldn't be too opposed to Chuck/Serena? No, too far? lol
hace más de un año TriineA said…
Maybe the new love interest has something to do with Chuck not coming?
hace más de un año Shandiii said…
TriinneA, we were talking about that on the Blair&Chuck spot!! lol.

I really really really hope she isn't!
last edited hace más de un año
hace más de un año AnnaK said…
Oh nooo...i don't want serena and dan to break up...and if they should get back together soon..i love the two of them more than any other couple...

they chuck and blair story sounds great too,i would love to see the two of them together

..so you say that dan and vanessa will make friends with some side of georgina:here you go i guess the two of them will actually get along well with sarah(-see one "side"of georgina)without even knowing who she is...it makes sense...
hace más de un año Shandiii said…
Yeah! That does make sense! I totally forgot about that!
If only Serena knew that by not telling him about Georgina, it kind of introduced him to Sarah!

These last few episodes of the season are going to be filled with sooo much drama! It's so exciting, I love it! Haha.
hace más de un año AnnaK said…
have you seen the new preview for the next episode?it shows dan calling g sarah,so we were right;-)
hace más de un año ceo07 said…
wwww omg nate is seduced by Jenny wow and awww chuck is sooo sweet aww i cant wait
hace más de un año Praesse said…