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posted by LoveLiesAndLust
A/N: I know, I know! I'm a terrible updater. Sorry! I've just been really busy these past few months. Trying to get my grades back up to straight A's (which I accomplished), there was a death in the family a little over a mes ago, and sometimes I'm just either too lazy o too uninspired to write.

Anyway, I was totally inspired today to do some serious updating. Why? Because of my lovely readers! Thank tu all so much for the reviews! And the ratings and support. :')

I know it's a short update, but the siguiente chap's definitely longer.

Reviews are loved!


Blair had fallen back asleep after she'd woken up to eat and watch a little bit of TV. The medicine had made her feel even más tired than she already was, so she gave up on trying to stay awake longer. Chuck had fallen asleep with her (again), his hand wrapped around her waist. Nate had checked on them a bit earlier to see if they were done talking, and he got his answer. He only smiled, shook his head, and left the room silently, being careful not to make much noise when closing the door.

Now if he could just figure out something else: Where in the hell was Serena? He'd left her enough messages for her voicemail to be full. At first it was a simple, "Hey, Serena, it's Nate. Call me back when tu get this," to a más desperate and bit humorous, "Serena, uhhh…Blair's in the hospital. She's okay, but…well, she's pregnant. Looks like she and Chuck are soon-to-be-parents. Can tu imagine that? A mini-Blair o Chuck running around," to a frantic, "Serena, where in God's name are you?! I'm getting worried. tu haven't called back – not once, and…please, just call me back as soon as tu get this."

After about 25 messages, did he get a "Sorry, please wait momentarily. The voicemail of Serena" – it was Serena reciting her name, the robotic-female voice announcing everything else – "is currently full."

He almost threw his phone against the muro in frustration if he hadn't thought twice about it.

Nate sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. Serena, please be alright.


Serena downed what was probably her 50th shot. It was beyond even her belief that she hadn't had the urge to throw up yet. Then again, she was más than just drunk and she probably wasn't thinking straight.

Georgina watched on in amusement. "Gosh, S, how'd tu drink all those shots?"

Serena laughed. "Who knows? Who cares?!" She threw up her arms for dramatic emphasis. She was a "wild child" indeed.

"You know," Georgina said, "I have a little...secret to tell you." She winked at Serena, already knowing what her reply was going to be.

"Ooh, I amor secrets!" Serena exclaimed joyfully, sounding like her younger self.

Georgina smirked. "I know what tu did last summer."

There was a momentary pause, before, "The horror movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer amor Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Ph-"

Georgina cut Serena off, getting impatient. "Yeah, that one. Well, anyway, tu know how they killed that guy and he comes back from the dead to kill them?" Serena nodded. "Well, apart from the ressurrecting and murdering, wouldn't tu say that's kind of like a certain...happening?"

Serena's eyes widened. She couldn't possibly mean that...could she?

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