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la elección de los fans: Always
Some time
la elección de los fans: Yes
la elección de los fans: They don't believe there is enough proof
They don&# 39; t believe there is...
They don&# 39; t want to give up on...
la elección de los fans: Yes
la elección de los fans: Yes! I've thought of that too! It makes me SICK that NOTHING WAS DONE!! OMG!
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Global Warming Prevention muro

hetalianstella dicho …
This club really needs más fans. publicado hace más de un año
Princesskiara15 comentó…
I agree hace más de un año
fansfunsz dicho …
wow publicado hace más de un año
stramming dicho …
GLOBAL WARMING IS AS REAL AS BUDDHA. It. Doesn't. EXIST. publicado hace más de un año
NightFrog comentó…
...Buddha was a real person, and global warming has been proven. Anything valid tu want to add to this? hace más de un año
stramming comentó…
GLobal Warming isn't real, tu half-whit hace más de un año
hetalianstella comentó…
Buddha was real as well as global warming. And they both have lots of evidence to their existence, unlike your claims which tu have stated no evidence at all and are just immaturely screaming your beliefs with nothing to back it up. And tu are being very childish calling names. Pathetic. hace más de un año