glee What glee merchandice do/did tu have?

Pick one:
At least one glee CD o DVD set of a glee episodes o the 3D concierto movie
At least one souvenir from glee LIVE! In concierto
glee jewelery, keychain, trinkets, etc.
glee Magic 8 Ball, Microphone, o Megaphone
glee stationery (notebooks, pencils, etc.)
At least one item of glee clothing (ex. t-shirt, socks, hat)
glee halloween Costume (Cheerio, Football payer, o Sue)
A glee bag, lunchbag, mug, and/or thermos
At least one glee game (video, board, o DVD game)
glee novel o other glee book o magazine
glee towel, pillow(s), and/or beadspread
glee Poster
glee party supplies
I have/had glee stuff in más than one of these categories! (List below!)
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 gleekygurl posted hace más de un año
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