glee Some musical songs that I think glee should cover (Part 1), your favorite?

Pick one:
I'm Not That Girl- Wicked (Sung por Rachel)
castillo On a Cloud- Les Miserables (Sung por Rachel)
Not Alone- A Very Potter Musical (Sung por Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and Finn)
Seasons of Love- Rent (Sung por New Directions girls with Mercedes leading)
Missing You- A Very Potter Musical (Sung por Blaine)
Summer Nights- Grease (Sung por Rachel and Finn)
Out Tonight- Rent (Sung por Santana o Mercedes)
A corazón Full of Love- Les Miserables (Sung por Finn and Rachel)
I've Just Seen a Face- Across the Universe (Sung por Artie o Puck)
Tomorrow- Annie (Sung por Tina)
 ninjacupcake88 posted hace más de un año
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