glee favorito! Things From glee That Begins With A "S" (No Music)

Pick one:
Sebastian Smythe
Santana Lopez
Sam Evans
Sugar Motta
Sue Sylvester
Shannon Beiste
Shelby Corcoran
Sunshine Corazon
Stoner Brett
Sandy Ryerson
Suzy Pepper
Stacey Evans
Shane Tinsley
Sean Fretthold
Stevie Evans
Scott Cooper
Sr. Mary Constance
Showmance 1x02
Sectionals 1x13
The Substitute 2x07
Special Education 2x09
The Sue Sylvester Shuffle 2x11
Silly amor Songs 2x12
Sexy 2x15
The Spanish Teacher 3x12
Saturday Night Glee-ver 3x16
cisne Song 4x09
Sadie Hawkins 4x11
Samuel Larsen
sarah jessica parker
Stephen Tobolowsky
 LittleMissAkuma posted hace más de un año
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