glee Out of the songs I would like to hear on glee which one would tu most like to hear.

Pick one:
Viva La Vida-Puck (Coldplay)
Skyscraper-Rachel (Demi Lovato)
The A Team-Finn (Ed Sheeran)
Stay-Santana (Rhianna)
Who tu Are-Marley (Jessie J)
King of Anything-Quinn (Sarah Bareilles)
Circus-Kitty (Britney Spears)
Wanted-Sam (Hunter Hayes)
How To Save a Life-Blaine (The Script)
Price Tag-Mercedes (Jessie J.)
Little Things-Ryder (One Direction)
The One That Got Away-Kurt (Katy Perry)
One más Night-Sebastian with Warblers (Maroon 5)
enfriador, refrigerador Than Me-Ryder and Jake (Mike Posner)
Oath-ND Graduates (Cher Lloyd)
Long Live-ND Graduates (Taylor Swift)
 famelover23 posted hace más de un año
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