glee Out Of My Favourite Duet Por Each Character, Which Is Yours?

Pick one:
rachel: we found amor (with santana)
finn: dont stop believing (with rachel)
kurt: defying gravity (with rachel)
mercedes: lean on me (with artie)
artie: im still standing (with quinn)
tina: dog days are over (with mercedes)
quinn: i feel pretty/unpretty (with rachel)
santana: the boy is mine (with mercedes)
brittany: i wanna dance with somebody (with santana)
puck: glory days (with finn)
sam: lucky (with quinn)
mike: scream (with artie)
joe: saving all my amor for tu (with quinn)
will: endless amor (with rachel)
emma: navidad eve with tu (with will)
sue: physical (with olivia)
jesse: hello (with rachel)
april: alone (with will)
shelby: i dreamed a dream (with rachel)
shannon: mean (with puck)
holly: kiss (with will)
sunshine: telephone (with rachel)
unique: do tu hear what i hear (with harmony)
sebastian: smooth criminal (with santana)
cooper: somebody that i used to know (with blaine)
blaine: baby its cold outside (with kurt)
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