glee (Round 41) favorito! Group Performance Of Season 1. Pick Your LEAST Favorite...

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36 fans picked:
To Sir With amor - N.D
Somebody To amor - N.D
Keep Holding On - N.D
Don't Stop Believing (Regionals) = N.D
Like A Prayer - N.D
 Katyb617 posted hace más de un año
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Katyb617 picked Keep Holding On - N.D:
6 My Life Would Suck Without You
7 Bohemian Rhapsody
8 It's My Life
9 True Colors
10 Anyway You Want It
11 Total Eclipse Of The Heart
12 Jump
13 Hello Goodbye
14 Beth
15 Another One Bites The Dust
16 Bad Romance
17 One
18 Lean On Me
19 Dont Stop Believing 1
20 Push It
21 Imagine
22 Mercy
23 Hate On Me
24 Gold Digga
25 Proud Mary
26 Bootylicious
27 Like A Virgin
28 You Cant Touch This
29 Express Yourself
30 Give Up The Funk
31 Halo Walking On Sunshine
32 Run Joey Run
33 Smile
34 I Wanna Sex You Up
35 Ride Wit Me
36 What It Feels Like For A Girl
37 Crazy In Love/ Hair
38 This Is How We Do It
39 Highway To Hell
40 Shout It
41 Good Vibrations
42 You Cant Always Get What You Want
43 Poison
44 Rehab
45 Le Freak
46 One Less Bell To Answer
47 I Say A Little Prayer
48 Sit Down Youre Rocking The Boat
posted hace más de un año.
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JimmyManceLuvr picked Keep Holding On - N.D:
Still will NEVER understand the hype of this one. I thought it was bad. Not merely "not as great as the others", but bad.
posted hace más de un año.
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Crime-Drama-Bee picked To Sir With amor - N.D:
How did DSB 1 get out before Journey's?
Love STL and KHO. Like a Prayer is lovely too.
posted hace más de un año.
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TigerLillee picked To Sir With amor - N.D:
Keep Holding On is one of my favorites!!!
posted hace más de un año.