glee (Round 38) favorito! Group Performance Of Season 2. Pick Your LEAST Favorite...

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Just The Way tu Are - N.D
Marry tu - N.D
Misery - T.W
Raise Your Glass - T.W
Teenage Dream - T.W
 Katyb617 posted hace más de un año
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Katyb617 picked Just The Way tu Are - N.D:
6 Blame It
7 Sing
8 Hey Soul Sister
9 Empire State Of Mind
10 Bills Bills Bills
11 Thriller Heads Will Roll
12 Silly Love Songs
13 Toxic
14 Start Me Up
15 When I Get You Alone
16 Time Warp
17 One Of Us
18 There's A Light
19 Dog Days
20 Stop In The Name Of Love
21 Born This Way
22 Loser Like Me
23 Friday
24 Dont Stop
25 Yeah!
26 Im Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend
27 Animal
28 Umbrella Singing In The Rain
29 Somebody To Love 2
30 Bella Notte
31 Light Up The World
32 Pure Imagination
33 I Love New York
34 Do You Wanna Touch Me There
35 Tik Tok
36 Somewhere Only We Know
37 As Long As You're There
38 She's Not There
39 Most Wonderful Day Of The Year
40 We Need A Little Christmas
41 Afternoon Delight
42 Jesus Is My Friend
posted hace más de un año.
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klaine_forever picked Marry tu - N.D:
Damn this was hard.
WTF?!? SOWK IS one of the best, and its at 36? WoW
posted hace más de un año.
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Klaine4ever2 picked Just The Way tu Are - N.D:
^ That's exactly how I felt! Never trust these lists, they are always massively off. On several other polls SOWK usually wins.
posted hace más de un año.
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TigerLillee picked Just The Way tu Are - N.D:
So hard!!!! I love SOWK!!!!!

I just have to choose something non warblers my motto in life is keep calm and warble on
posted hace más de un año.