glee character picture contest (open) Shelby&rachel

sheerinandamian posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 02:49AM
all u have to do is put a pic of the that is named on top the winner will get to chose the next character.

character name:
Rory: Kathyism
Faberry: sheerika
Beth and someone: Kathyism
the unholy trinity: sheerika
Bartie: sheerinandamian
Klaine: friendsfan101
Puck: crime drama bee
Tina :Ally_FunnyLove
Brittana: Sweetest66
Blaine: klaine_ forever
HummelBerry: crime drama bee
sugar: ally_ funnylove
Quinn: nicky23
Finchel: nicky23
Santana: nicky23
Sam: sheerinandamian
Mike: nicky23
Rachel: PPPopopipop
Emma: PPPopopipop
Brochel: sheerinandamian
Joe: Sweetest66
Marley: mangie1995
kitty: nicky23
Finn: sheerinandamian
Mercedes: Sheerinandamian
Brittany: Nicky23
Jake: sweetest66
Blam: sweetest66
Brody: sheerika
Artie: Clara_ Valentine
Sebastian: sheerinandamian
Unique ninjacupcake88
Ryder :ninjacupcake88
Quick: ninjacupcake88
sue sheerika
Puckerman bros: nicky23
Burt: sheerika
Quinn& Santana: sheerika
Quinn&Finn: nicky23
Wemma sheerika
Adam sheerika
Artie&Quinn: sheerinandamian
Beiste: Vampsessed
Jessie sheerinandamian
Becky: klaine_forever
tike: Nicky23
Fabrevans: sheerinandamian
Shelby: Vampsessed

you get 1 prop for doing my contest so if you did it 5 times you get 5 props
you win you get 2 so if you won 2 you get 4 props:)

i make award for them when they win
 all u have to do is put a pic of the that is named on parte superior, arriba the winner will get to chose the siguiente chara
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