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So here advancing the results, Which tu did a ranking of Who is prettiest in SNSD (MV and Photoshoot)

-------->link: link

Ranking Into The New World [MV]
1. Yuri
2. Taeyeon
3. Tiffany
4. Yoona
5. Sunny
6. Sooyoung
7. Hyoyeon
8. Jessica
9. Seohyun

Ranking Into The New World [PhotoShoot]
1. Sunny
2. Yoona
3. Yuri
4. Tiffany
5. Taeyeon
6. Hyoyeon
7. Jessica
8. Seohyun
9. Sooyoung

Ranking besar tu [MV]
1. Sooyoung
2. Sunny
3. Yuri
4. Tiffany
5. Taeyeon
6. Yoona
7. Seohyun
8. Jessica
9. Hyoyeon

Ranking besar tu [PhotoShoot]
1. Yuri
2. Sunny
3. Sooyoung
4. Tiffany...
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Opinion/Rant time again! Sorry I've been a bit MIA this week, I'm really busy with school. Oh, and I decided to post Kpop's siguiente parte superior, arriba Model's finale sometime this week, if I can. Sorry for waiting for the finale for so long!

Okay, so SNSD has always been plagued por plastic surgery rumors ever since their debut, usually por antis. Not surprising, in fact, it's funny to see everyone fighting over whether o not they've actually had it.

Here's what people have dicho that they've had:
Taeyeon- Double eyelid surgery, nose job
Jessica- Multiple nose jobs, jawline surgery
Sunny- Nose job, forehead implant...
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