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Each round was based on how many fair comentarios there were. Without further ado...

Results for Most Talented Member:
1. Sooyoung - voted because of how well-rounded she is in the industry
2. Seohyun - voted for how she does well in everything that she does
3. Taeyeon - voted because of how well she sings, dances, acts in variety shows/movies
4. Jessica - voted for her singing, her English fluency
5. Yuri - voted for her dancing, songwriting, MC skills
6. Tiffany - voted for her singing, MC skills, flute playing
7. Yoona - voted for her dancing, acting, modeling
8. Hyoyeon - voted for her dancing, "rapping," variety mostrar skills
9. Sunny - voted for her singing, dancing, DJ skills, variety mostrar skills

Remember that this was voted por the public, and that I did not contribute any votos to this lista whatsoever. Thanks for reading, please no bashing, and I'll see tu at the siguiente article! Bye!
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so cute! i <3 snsd!
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*Disclaimer: Solely my opinion. Just saying. Don't hate, since I'm won't even bother anyways, and don't tell me to listen to this particular song more, since I probably will only download one o two songs anyway.*

I really have no words for this mini-album... and I'm not saying that I'm blown away.

1. Holler

The título track of the song that seemed somewhat promising due to its música video vista previa yesterday, since all the glitz and glamour seemed to resemble the masterpiece that was Twinkle. But, alas, it's like every SM track that's used for promotions: upbeat with a repetitive chorus. It's...
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On June 13th, Yuri opened an Instagram account under the nombre de usuario yulyulk and shared a foto of herself from Girls’ Generation’s “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace” tour.

Yuri is now the third member of Girls’ Generation to registrarse the foto sharing service, following Taeyeon and Hyoyeon. Taeyeon recently uploaded a foto of herself and the members of Girls’ Generation from the world tour concerts in Seoul, and included a caption tagging both Hyoyeon and Yuri.

All of the fotos Taeyeon and Hyoyeon have uploaded and their captions can also be found on Soshified. Yuri’s fotos will be shown below and updated with their captions translated as well.
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X( On part 2 some stupid copyrite BLOCKED it!! :(( X(X(( Im not heno, hay at all Well u have to skip that an go to part 3 :(